Learn Everything About Colon Cancer Clinical Trials

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Colon Cancer Clinical Trials—All the Details You Should Know

Colon cancer is a lethal disease that takes numerous human lives annually. This is why clinical trials for colon cancer are necessary—participating in them can help save millions of lives. DoNotPay can help you find them fast so that you can become a volunteer.

What Are Clinical Trials for Colon Cancer?

Clinical trial definitions may differ to a point, but the general idea is that they are medical experiments conducted on human participants. There are various treatments for colon cancer and researchers are still looking to find the most effective option. Depending on your personal case, your doctor, along with the research team of experts, can find the best colon cancer clinical trial for you to be a part of.

Finding clinical trials has become easier with the technology improvement over the years, and usually, you will need to type ‘clinical trials near me’ in the Google search box to get a list of hundreds of options.

Some research studies accept healthy volunteers, but colon cancer clinical trials usually require participants with different stages of the disease. Participating in such trials is of paramount importance since it can help you and people who are also affected and looking to recover.

Find Clinical Trials for Metastatic Colon Cancer Fast With the Assistance of DoNotPay

Whenever your health is compromised, time is of crucial importance. This is why DoNotPay has created a way for you to find clinical trials of any sort in just a few steps. To match with the best research center, you will only need to:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Tap on Clinical Trials
  3. Select Get Started
  4. Set up the filters properly
  5. Choose a study you’d like to participate in
  6. Select Contact

We will forward your request to researchers immediately, and you can expect a response from them in a few days.

In case you can’t find anything that suits your needs at the moment, you can always use our bookmarking feature that allows you to save the trials that aren’t accepting participants just yet.

Another useful tool is our real-time notification feature that lets you know whenever a new study appears in your area. Set up your preferences and settings according to your needs and be on the lookout for new trials that match your requirements perfectly!

Alternatives for Finding Colon Cancer Clinical Trials

If you decide to look for colon cancer clinical trials on your own, you should find reliable websites that offer reputable resources. A couple of those are listed in the table below:


National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  • An extensive database that allows you to find the right trial easier
  • Advanced search options that help you get the results faster


  • Great overview of studies that are divided by topic
  • Neat map with the locations of clinical trials you are looking for

Why Should You Opt To Participate in Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials?

As with any other clinical trial, the benefits of participating in colon cancer clinical studies are numerous. If you are affected by this disease, the chances of finding a more effective treatment than the ones that are currently available are much higher.

Being a part of a clinical trial includes benefits such as:

  1. Top-quality healthcare
  2. Constant attention from the medical staff
  3. Close monitoring of your progress and immediate reactions if something doesn’t go according to the plan

The research team in clinical studies consists of experts in their respectable fields, so you will be in good hands.

By choosing to be a volunteer in an interventional study, you can also help other patients. The treatment being tested on you can end up being a medical breakthrough and save numerous lives. If all turns out well, doctors will have an easier time treating patients and achieve better results.

If this disease has appeared in your family more than once, it could be that you have a genetic disposition of getting colon cancer. By helping out investigators in clinical trials, you can help your family’s future generations not deal with a lethal disease anymore, but rather something that can be cured easily.

Participating in clinical trials also means having an active role in your treatment. You are constantly giving feedback to investigators, and in turn, they are letting you in on the process as well. This part also has to do with the kind of clinical trial you partake in.

What Makes You Eligible To Be a Part of Clinical Trials for Colon Cancer Stage 4?

With a disease as serious as this one, investigators are usually looking for people who have stage IV colon cancer because currently available treatments can’t do much about it. That’s why clinical trials are especially important for people who have the disease since they can get excellent results from the trials. Other patients who don’t participate in clinical trials can also enjoy the benefits of the results later on.

To participate in colon cancer clinical trials, you will need to meet certain criteria.

People may be included in a colon cancer clinical trial if:

  • They have surgically incurable metastatic colon carcinoma
  • They are a male not younger than 18 years
  • The participant is a female older than 18 and is not pregnant nor lactating
  • The woman participating in the trial agrees to use contraception during and 30 days after the study ends
  • The woman provides the researchers with a negative pregnancy test before the study starts
  • They have a life expectancy of a minimum of six months
  • They haven't had chemotherapy for the disease prior to enrolling in the interventional study
  • The participant hasn’t received radiation therapy eight weeks before the clinical trial commences
  • They haven’t had surgery in less than four weeks prior to the beginning of the study

Volunteers won’t be accepted to be a part of a colon cancer clinical study if:

  • They have a current infection of FUO or evidence of potential central line sepsis
  • They have unstable oncologic emergency syndromes such as hypercalcemia, superior vena cava (SVC) syndrome, or rising bilirubin needing stent placement
  • The participant has medical conditions such as acute coronary syndrome or cardio-vascular accident
  • They have participated in another clinical trial within four weeks prior to the start of this treatment

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