How To Participate in Clinical Trials

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Get Compensated for Being Noble—Find Out How To Participate in Clinical Trials

As much as participating in a clinical trial can be beneficial for the general population, it can be incredibly risky as well. Deciding to be a part of such a crucial part of medical development is a deeply personal choice.

Whether you’re looking for paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in order to earn some money, or you want to help science advance in treating horrible diseases and chronic conditions like MS, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, or depression, you need to know all about who can take part in clinical trials.

DoNotPay is the first app to develop a fully customizable platform that enables you to find clinical trials based on your personal preferences. Stick with us and let us assist you in your cause.

Why Should You Take Part in Clinical Trials?

People join medical trials for various reasons. Some see clinical trials as their only hope, and others are driven by insatiable curiosity and passion for science and progress. Whatever the reason, you should make this decision by yourself.

Here are a few reasons that clinical trial centers, scientists, researchers, medical professionals, and others who deal with medical studies gave in favor of participating in trials:

  1. Clinical trials are not possible without volunteers
  2. Testing on animals isn’t enough because the drug might not work the same in humans
  3. People who are ill sometimes become less responsive to the standard medication and need new ones that are safer and more effective
  4. You would help science move forward
  5. Clinical trials might be beneficial for your health
  6. You’ll receive increased and long-term medical care
  7. You’ll be compensated for your participation
  8. Clinical trials save lives in the long run
  9. Medical studies can improve the quality of life
  10. You can save a loved one

Clinical trials are conducted every day and everywhere. If it weren’t for clinical trials, a lot of medication and dietary supplements that we use regularly wouldn’t be available.

Who Can Sign Up for Medical Trials?

Wanting to participate in clinical trials is, unfortunately, not enough—you need to meet the eligibility criteria first. The eligibility criteria differ from trial to trial, because every medical study is focused on a particular disease and has special requirements.

Some of the essential characteristics are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • General health
  • Kind of disease
  • Stage of disease
  • Treatment history

The scientists will examine your characteristics carefully to determine whether you qualify for the trial you applied for. Your eligibility will also depend on the phase of the clinical trial. For instance, the first phase usually requires healthy volunteers, and phase two searches for people with a condition. In most cases, you’ll need to contact the researchers directly to learn if you’re eligible.

How To Join a Clinical Trial

Joining a clinical trial, as much as it’s exciting, can be a stressful experience. Make sure you seek advice from your doctor or other medical care professional you trust.

Follow these steps to join a clinical trial:

  1. Find clinical trials you’re interested in
  2. Check the eligibility criteria
  3. Contact the researchers
  4. Read the protocol of the study
  5. Read and sign the informed consent form

This form is an important document that ensures your safety by explaining the details of the research and the protocol. You need to read it carefully and ask the doctors and researchers about anything unclear.

The informed consent form will include an explanation about:

  • Your role in the research
  • The potential risks
  • The duration of the trial
  • The procedures that will be performed during the study
  • Discomforts you might experience
  • The possible benefits
  • Compensation or medical treatments if side effects occur
  • Your rights
  • Your voluntary participation

These are some of the websites that can help you find the best clinical trial for you:


How To Search for Clinical Trials

NIH Clinical Center

  1. Click on the sandwich bar in the upper right corner of the page
  2. Select Search the Studies
  3. Type in a keyword and set other requested parameters
  4. Tap on Search

  1. Click on Find Studies
  2. Tap on New Search in the drop-down menu
  3. Enter all the information needed
  4. Select Search


  1. Tap on the sandwich icon in the top right corner
  2. Select Patient Resources
  3. Click on Clinical Trials
  4. Enter the location and medical condition
  5. Click on Search

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