How To Find the Best Stanford Clinical Trials

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Finding Stanford Clinical Trials With DoNotPay Is the Easy Way

Stanford University is considered to be one of the best research centers in the U.S., and it is one of the top five universities in the world. It’s no wonder that you want to participate in clinical trials conducted by Stanford’s expert staff!

DoNotPay can help you find clinical trials without breaking a sweat, because our fully customized search tool sorts all the information according to safety, location, estimated compensation, and your personal preferences.

Stick with us and find out how we can help you discover the best paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in your area!

What Kind of Clinical Trials Are There at Stanford University?

Apart from being one of the most prestigious universities, Stanford University Medical Center is famous for its dedicated and successful work in:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Organ transplantation
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Neurology
  • Cancer
  • Neurosurgery

Stanford Health Center offers a variety of clinical trials—there are over 1,000 active ones. The most common trials that Stanford conducts are for cancer, but apart from the Stanford Cancer Institute, the university has an array of other health centers. Each center is dedicated to a particular disease or condition.

Check out some of Stanford's research centers:

Stanford Hospital was ranked as one of the best hospitals for cancer care in the U.S. by the U.S. News & World Report.

Stanford Hospital Clinical Trials

Stanford University Medical Center is a hospital complex that was ranked 13th on the Honor Roll list of Best Hospitals. It involves the Children’s Hospital and Stanford Health Care center. The hospital is also used as a teaching space for students who attend Stanford University School of Medicine.

Stanford Hospital is known for the first combined heart-lung transplant in the world and the first successful heart transplant in the U.S.

Find the Best Stanford University Clinical Trials Through DoNotPay’s Incredible Platform

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had all the clinical trials you consider applying for in one place? DoNotPay can make this possible with our platform that enables you to apply for an unlimited number of the best clinical trials you’re eligible for. You can add your individual preferences, such as:

  • If you want to participate in observational studies
  • Whether you’re pregnant or lactating
  • If you’re only available for remote studies
  • Whether you’d be willing to take a placebo

Our clinical trials database also includes paid medical surveys and university psychological studies. You can earn as much as $10,000 for a clinical trial, and you don’t have to share it with us because we don’t charge fees.

The process is simple—open DoNotPay in your and apply for a clinical trial today by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and click on Clinical Trials
  2. Tap on Get Started
  3. Set the location and other filters
  4. Find a study you like and click on View Study
  5. Hit Contact Now

DoNotPay will send an email to the research team and inform them that you want to participate. We will increase your chances of enrollment. After a few days, they will contact you and provide you with further instructions.

DoNotPay has another handy feature—real-time notifications. This feature will enable us to send you information about the new clinical trials that appear in your area, so you can be the first in line to apply for them. Bookmark the trials you like and monitor their process.

Other Ways To Find Stanford Clinical Trials

The only way to find Stanford clinical trials, apart from using DoNotPay’s platform, is through the official Stanford Clinical Trials Directory. On the homepage, you’ll find some basic information about clinical trials and a search box. To search for clinical trials, do the following:

  1. Open the clinical trials homepage
  2. Type in a keyword—condition, investigator, clinical trial ID, etc.
  3. Click on Search

If you click on the sandwich bar in the top right corner, you’ll get the search results by:

  • Condition
  • Pediatric clinical trials
  • Healthy volunteers
  • Cancer clinical trials

Unfortunately, it will show only the trials that are recruiting at the moment.

Stanford Cancer Institute has a somewhat better search tool. Its platform will allow you to do an advanced search of Stanford cancer clinical trials.

If you need to find Stanford oncology clinical trials, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Stanford Cancer Institute homepage
  2. Scroll down to the search option
  3. Select More Search Options
  4. Enter the detailed information they require
  5. Hit Search

What Happens in Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a research study that determines whether a new treatment is safe and effective when used in humans. The priority of every clinical trial is the participant’s safety. This is regulated by a protocol—a document that contains all the information about a clinical study, such as:

  • Safety measures
  • Trial purpose
  • Study objectives
  • Description of the phases
  • Employed methods
  • Statistical consideration for data analysis

After you apply for a clinical trial, the researchers will determine whether you’re eligible to participate. If you turn out to be eligible, you’ll go through an informed consent process, during which you’ll be provided with all the details of your participation. This process is important because it provides a clear picture of:

  • Safety
  • Risks and benefits of the trial
  • Duration of the study
  • Expectations
  • Methods of conducting the research
  • Rights and privacy
  • Statement about your participation being voluntary
  • Compensation

Before you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you should consult your doctor. If the two of you determine that participating in a study is a good course of action for you, you can sign the informed consent form that the researchers will give you.

The Four Phases of Clinical Trials

The early phases of clinical trials are the first and the second one. Healthy volunteers are usually required for the first phase of a clinical trial. The risks are the highest during the early phases, and this is why compensation for participation is offered.

Find information about clinical trial phases in this table:



  • Determining the safety of the medication
  • Testing the dose
  • Learning how the body reacts to the new medication
  • Checking for side effects


  • Testing the effectiveness of the drug
  • Determining how the medication works in people with a particular disease or a condition
  • Monitoring the short-term side effects
  • Experimenting with the method of administration of the drug


  • Collecting additional data about the safety and effectiveness of the drug
  • Conducting studies in different populations
  • Comparing the new medication to placebo or a standard drug through a randomized clinical trial


  • Monitoring the safety of the new drug in larger groups of people
  • Exploring the cost-effectiveness
  • Monitoring the long-term effects

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