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The Highs and Lows of a Marijuana Clinical Trial

Medical marijuana has been in California since 1996. Not long after that, many other states have followed suit. As of 2019, cannabis use has been legalized in 14 U.S. states, whereas medical marijuana is in 33.

The general public, as well as many scientists and medical professionals, still debate about how effective marijuana can be for medical use. Opposing views aside, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a few cannabis-related treatments—Epidiolex (cannabidiol), Marinol (dronabinol), Cesamet (nabilone), and Syndros (dronabinol).

There are also many ongoing marijuana clinical trials. We’ll answer any questions you may have and help you sign up for a clinical trial of your choice.

What Are Marijuana Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are necessary for medical progress. By researching new drugs and treatments, medical professionals can help plenty of patients fight and beat their illnesses.

Marijuana clinical trials can be:

  1. Observational—The research team observes the effects of medical marijuana use compared to other treatments. They can also compare different drug administration methods (cannabis lozenges, smoking, or vaporization)
  2. Treatment-related—These trials follow the common four clinical trial phases where the effectiveness, side effects, and comparison to standard treatments are a journey to approve medical marijuana

We can also categorize medical marijuana trials in terms of their participants. Clinical trial participants can be:

  1. Healthy volunteers—They are mostly needed in Phase I, though some studies don’t require healthy participants at all
  2. Patients suffering from a disease

The most common illnesses and health conditions that medical marijuana researchers are studying are:

  • Chronic pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lung cancer
  • Glioblastoma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • HIV-related conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s

What Are the Phases of a Medical Marijuana Clinical Trial?

When a research team decides to conduct a medical marijuana clinical trial, they must take several preparatory steps. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to approve the start of the clinical study. A research center also needs to obtain a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Take a look at the overview of the clinical trial phases:

PhaseAverage Number of ParticipantsTypes of Clinical StudiesBrief Description
Phase IUnder 50Double-blind, randomized, or no placebos
  • Examining the safety and tolerability of medical marijuana administration
  • Determining the proper dosage
  • Accepting healthy volunteers usually take part in this phase
  • Having the highest risk compared to other phases
Phase II50 to 100Randomized, placebo-controlled
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of MGC (Medical Grade Cannabis)
  • Examining possible side effects
Phase III200 to 500Randomized, placebo-controlled
  • Testing both the efficacy and safety
  • Comparing MGC to the standard treatment
Phase IVHundreds to thousandsSingle group assignment (all participants receive the same treatment)
  • Assessing medical marijuana as a treatment or adjunctive therapy
  • Analyzing long-term safety and effectiveness

Do I Qualify for Marijuana Clinical Studies?

To participate in a clinical trial, you have to meet some inclusion and exclusion criteria.

You can be a healthy participant or a person suffering from a specific illness.

The most common inclusion criteria are:

  • Age
  • Disease type
  • Stage of the disease

Exclusion criteria could be:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Prior cannabis use
  • History of certain illnesses
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Age (children or the elderly)

Sign Up for a Marijuana Clinical Study With DoNotPay’s Help

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Why Is DoNotPay the Best Way To Sign Up for a Marijuana Clinical Trial?

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How Else Can I Find Medical Marijuana Clinical Trials?

Finding a legitimate research center and a clinical trial that has been approved by the FDA can be daunting. If you choose to look for them on your own, make sure to check some of these reputable websites:

WebsiteKey Features

  • Search by your medical condition
  • Select Advanced Search and browse by your location, the eligibility criteria, clinical trial phase, and study type
  • Access around 350 thousand clinical studies, both completed and recruiting

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center Studies Index

  • Browse a database of publicly supported clinical trials
  • Search by your diagnosis, age, gender, the research center closest to you, and the recruitment status

What Are the Pros and Cons of Participating in a Clinical Study?

Before deciding to take part in a clinical trial, you should weigh the pros and cons so you can be certain you have made an informed decision. Here are some perks and drawbacks to consider:

  • Financial gain
  • Covered travel and accommodation expenses
  • No medical insurance required
  • Access to new treatments
  • Contribution to the development of science and medicine
  • Helping other patients with the same illness
  • Medical professionals monitor you 24/7
  • The option to change your mind and leave the clinical trial at any point
  • Unknown risks or side effects
  • You might be receiving a placebo
  • The treatment may not be effective, or it may not work on you specifically
  • Clinical trials are usually lengthy (several months or years depending on which phase you join)
  • Possibly unpleasant or painful medical tests and procedures

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