How To Find the Best-Paid Medical Surveys

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Medical Surveys—Get Paid for Your Expertise in a Few Clicks

Medical surveys are used to test public attitudes and opinions about treatments, patient care, ways of practicing medicine, and other topics that could help improve the healthcare system. The feedback that medical surveys offer creates a base for comparing the results over time.

The information acquired in medical surveys is used to improve the quality of treatment and health care. Most medical surveys are paid, so clinicians and other medical professionals can earn some easy money by doing them. Medical surveys usually don’t take much time to complete, so the benefits of participating in a medical survey outweigh the downsides significantly—you can earn some money in no time at all.

Find out how you can complete a medical survey and earn some easy money.

What Are Medical Surveys?

Medical surveys are a tool for research that healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies use for collecting information from a specific group of people, such as doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers. Surveys help researchers and pharmaceutical companies gather important empirical data in a short amount of time.

Medical surveys can be conducted in many ways, but some of the most usual ones are through:

  • A questionnaire
  • A phone interview
  • An interview in person

Both patients and healthcare professionals can take medical surveys. The surveys that healthcare professionals take differ from those that patients take, though.

Doctors and other healthcare providers take medical surveys that focus on the medical market, new medication or vaccine, and new ways of practicing medicine. The medical surveys that explore clinical care, clinical trial experiences, and attitude towards health care services are designed for patients.

Should You Do a Medical Survey and Why?

The most obvious reason for taking a paid medical survey is earning money, but if you are a medical expert, your ideas, opinion, and observations are vital for the healthcare system.

Pharmaceutical companies depend on the data that they acquire through medical surveys because it helps them understand what they need to perfect in therapies and their marketing tactics. Doctors and other medical professionals give these companies valuable insight into how a drug is positioned on the market, whether they are prescribing it regularly to patients, and how they respond to the treatment.

Medical surveys are an important part of medical advancement too. Through medical surveys, you can help improve:

  • Healthcare system
  • Medical practice
  • Treatment distribution in clinical trials
  • Medical education
  • Knowledge-practice gaps

Who Can Participate in Paid Medical Surveys?

Every survey panel has different requirements—some require MDs exclusively, and others accept nurses and various other healthcare professionals. There are some that look for patients’ opinions as well.

Most commonly, doctors need to provide proof of being in the field of healthcare, which they can do with their certificates and licenses. Some of the websites will ask for proof of identity, as well.

Anyone who can prove that they’re a healthcare professional can be a part of a medical survey.

How Can You Find Paid Medical Surveys With DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is your go-to app when you want to find clinical trials, medical surveys, and other similar studies. Our clinical trials database contains an ample amount of paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers and paid medical surveys for both doctors and patients.

Getting paid for a medical survey or a clinical trial is even sweeter when you know that all the amount you earn goes straight to your wallet—DoNoPay doesn’t take any cuts from your compensation. You can also contact an unlimited number of studies.

If you use DoNotPay’s platform to search for medical surveys or clinical trials, your chances of getting in will multiply.

Go to DoNotPay’s website in your and do the following:

  1. Sign in to your account and find Clinical Trials
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Set the desired distance and filters according to your preferences
  4. Find the medical survey or a study you like and select View Study
  5. Click on Contact Now

You can upgrade to a premium subscription and get notifications whenever a new medical survey or a clinical trial near you pops up. You can bookmark all the medical surveys, studies, and trials you’re interested in so you can revisit them later.

Other Ways To Find Medical Surveys

Apart from DoNotPay, there isn’t a specific website or a platform that has a database of all medical surveys that exist online. You’ll need to go to various websites to find paid medical surveys.

The majority of paid medical surveys are designed for doctors and medical professionals. Some of the websites use a point system, which means that you earn points for the surveys you take that equal a certain amount of money—but you have to earn enough points to get paid.

Find some of the most popular sites for medical surveys listed in the table below:

MDforLivesFrom $50 to $500
  • A variety of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities
  • Payment through the payment method of your choice
Reckner HealthcareDepends on the length of the survey
  • Surveys about pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and new treatments
  • Seeking experts in oncology, pulmonology, and more
  • Surveys take between 10 and 60 minutes
InCrowdAround $8–$15
  • Micro surveys of 2–5 minutes
  • Seeking pharmacists, nephrologists, oncologists, and rheumatologists
M3 Global ResearchUp to $500
  • Online surveys, focus groups, and phone interviews
  • Real-time text notifications about new surveys
  • Duration: 20–30 minutes
  • Online and over-the-phone surveys
  • Surveys for patients
  • Mobile-friendly platform

Paid Medical Surveys for Patients

Paid medical surveys for patients are scarce, but they exist. Medical surveys for patients are as important as those meant for doctors because they give doctors an invaluable insight into what can be perfected in their practice. They also help doctors improve patient care and create better conditions for treating the patients.

You can find paid medical surveys for patients on these websites:

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