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Contact Waterstones Customer Service the Easy Way

If you're looking up assistance channels, you've probably experienced an issue while getting your book order. Waterstones, originally Waterstone's, is a British book retailer with 283 locations, primarily in the UK and neighbouring countries. It employs roughly 3,500 people in the UK and Europe as of February 2014. If you're their customer, it's good to understand how big Waterstones is and how slow it may take to reach their customer service. But if you want to avoid the long Waterstones customer service queue and obtain fast assistance, use DoNotPay.

Waterstone Support Contacts

If you'd like to chat with a bookseller, inquire about an online order or leave a statement in one of the company's bookstores, please contact Waterstones customer service using one of the methods listed below.

Waterstones Support/FAQ SiteFAQ section
Waterstones Phone Number 1 (domestic)0808 118 8787
Waterstones Phone Number 2 (international)+44 208 045 1001
Waterstones MailWaterstones Book Hub


Fifth Avenue

Centrum One Hundred

Burton on Trent

DE14 2UZ

Waterstones Support Emailemail contact form

Live Chat

You can contact the Waterstones customer service team via Live Chat (if available). If you can't reach them by chat, you could still get them directly by message on the 'Help' icon on their website.


If you have any issues with Waterstones Plus, the company's stores, website or your order, please use the email contact form.


For faster customer assistance, dial 0808 118 8787 from either a landline or mobile in the UK. The calls are free. The lines are open Monday through Friday, 9.30 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. But if you're outside the UK, please dial +44 208 045 1001.


Send a well-sealed letter to the Waterstones customer service postal address at:

Waterstones Book Hub


Fifth Avenue

Centrum One Hundred

Burton on Trent

DE14 2UZ

Please note that Waterstones recommends their customers to read the FAQ section before contacting the customer service team. The company wants to ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping experience and receive high-quality service, whether they shop online or in stores.

While Coronavirus continues to impact the industry, here is an overview of how the stores are affected and projected delivery schedules for online orders. This way, you'll understand why a little patience will be appreciated.

Social Media Channels to Contact Waterstones Customer Service

You can also get to the company through the following platforms:

Common Reasons Why People Contact Waterstones Customer Service

Here are questions that consumers ask often and their responses. Furthermore, each issue is covered in greater depth on the main Help page.

  1. I Have Issues With My Payment Card at Checkout

Waterstones changed the payment system in 2021 to a more trusted system with enhanced security features. One unforeseen result is that this purchase method is no longer functional with earlier web browsers, most notably, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which Microsoft Edge has replaced. So, if you're having trouble paying at the checkout, try a different browser like Firefox, Chrome or Edge. Also, ensure your current browser is updated.

  1. Why Can’t I Place an Order in Italy?

According to Poste Italiane, Waterstones has postponed deliveries to Italy for several weeks following a recent technical issue. This has resulted in a considerable backlog. The company has been told not to send more packages to Italy until the problem is resolved. The service, however, will be resumed as quickly as practicable.

  1. Why Haven’t I Received a Response After Submitting the Customer Support Form?

The majority of Waterstones affiliate businesses have gone online due to lockdown and the partial closure of the bookstores. The company is working diligently to accommodate the rising internet demand.

  1. Why Is My Order Taking Long to Arrive?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to monitor your package immediately after your item is ready to ship. This will take you to Royal Mail's Track & Trace system, where you may track the progress of your order.

Waterstones states that your purchase may take longer than average to arrive. This is due to the ongoing threat of Coronavirus, which has resulted in heightened warehouse security measures and occasional late delivery from the partner company Royal Mail. Waterstones is working relentlessly to fulfill your orders at every step. However, if you believe your delivery is being delayed unnecessarily, kindly notify the customer support staff. You'll also get the up-to-date details on the company's shipping estimates and the bookshop's status.

  1. Is It Possible to Change My Order?

Waterstones cannot change the order quantity, delivery method or address after you've ordered. To change anything regarding your item, cancel the whole order and purchase again after making the necessary adjustments.

File a Complaint if Waterstones Customer Service Fails to Respond

Waterstones help centre has a backlog, and they will do their best to respond to your question as fast as possible. However, if you require immediate assistance and the team fails to respond, you can file a complaint here. Alternatively, you can visit an ombudsperson near you or research other ADR schemes that you can use-the process may take longer. But with DoNotPay, we'll get you in touch with a Waterstones customer service rep and follow up until your problem is fully resolved.

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