The Ultimate Guide to Warframe Refund

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The Ultimate Guide to Warframe Refund

Warframe is a third-person RPG game available on multiple platforms—Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. It comes from the Digital Extremes production and has long since surpassed 50 million players.

This breathtaking story is completely free to play, but there are still some features that are available for purchases within the game.

Situations in which you might want to get a refund for those in-game add-ons are numerous. Those might be wrong or impulsive purchases that resulted in unfulfilled expectations and that cost you your hard-earned money.

What Is Warframe Platinum?

You might have seen something similar to Platinum in other games. It’s a kind of game credits players can buy on the Warframe official website. By paying a certain amount of cash, you get in-game tokens you can later use for making microtransactions within the game.

In a nutshell, it’s a specific kind of currency that enables you to enhance the performance of your character by purchasing diverse boosts, weapons, and powers. Prices for these virtual tokens range from $4.99 for 75 coins to $199.99 for 4300 coins.

In the moments when gaming fever hits you, you won’t think much about clicking on Buy Platinum to improve the game in the last minute and defeat the opponent. In case you realize that you made a mistake and you regret it, it’s time to flip through the Warframe refund policy rules and learn how to rectify this.

Warframe Refund Policy and Its Rules

Before you do anything about gaining your money back, you should know that this company’s refund policy isn’t as flexible as the one that Steam proposes, for example. Warframe refund rules apply to Platinum purchases, but also to skins, boosts, and other features you purchased using these virtual coins. Here are some of the main propositions:

  • You can receive a refund if you purchased Platinum but haven’t used it. In case you used even a single token, you won’t be entitled to get your funds back
  • It’s possible to request a refund if you made a double Platinum purchase by accident, but haven’t used the tokens
  • You can request compensation if you purchased a wrong, and usually more expensive token package but haven’t used it

If a similar situation happened to you, but you decided to use some tokens before you reported the issue, note that you won’t be eligible for receiving the funds back. The coins will remain available on your account, though.

If you are eligible for a refund, all the items or coins you want to have refunded will be removed from your account immediately.

Another, non-Platinum-related fact you should be aware of is that once you decide to terminate your account, the company won’t refund any remaining credits or membership costs.

Is There a Deadline for Reporting the Issue and Requesting a Refund?

Warframe hasn’t suggested any specific deadlines so far, but certain comments and reviews on the internet show that the saying the sooner, the better works well in this case. You should get in touch with customer support as soon as you notice any irregularity or realize that you got something you didn’t want.

How To Request a Warframe Platinum Refund on Your Own

The Warframe help center doesn’t boast a wide range of contact channels. The only option given to the gamers who wish to retrieve their money is a ticket submission. The disadvantage of this method is that you never know how long the answer might take.

Can You Request a Refund Via










In Person


Depending on the help center working hours or the workload heaviness, you might get your response in a couple of hours or after a week.

Make sure you complete the steps below to submit the request successfully:

  1. Log in to your Warframe account
  2. Navigate to your account settings and find the Support option
  3. Click on Submit a request in the top right corner
  4. Specify your payment method, payment ID number, date and time of the transaction, the name of the product or the pack, and any other info that might help the agents track your purchase
  5. Follow the rest of the steps and send the ticket

Be thorough when it comes to writing down all the details that the reps might need. This way, they won’t have to send you tens of additional emails asking for the pieces of info you forgot to mention.

How To Get a Warframe Platinum Refund via DoNotPay

A day, two days, seven days… and nobody has replied to your inquiry? Then it’s time to let DoNotPay start a dispute on your behalf. Have you heard of the Fair Credit Billing Act? It’s a federal law that enables you to dispute unfair charges 60 days after the transaction in question. This regulation served as an inspiration for our app, which is why we will send all the Visa and Mastercard codes to your bank to support your case.

Requesting a refund via DoNotPay is straightforward and will take only a couple of minutes. To make this happen, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay using your
  2. Go to your profile page and click on Get Protected under the File a Chargeback heading
  3. Complete the dialog form by confirming your bank details, merchant info, and the amount you wish to retrieve
  4. Select the Send the letter for me option
  5. Sign the form digitally and click Sign and Submit

We will get in touch with your bank, fax the request to them before you can say knife, and make sure to reach out to the merchant as well in case you want it. You will also get invaluable help with evidence collection thanks to our credit card reason code letter. Having DoNotPay do all this for you, you can remain calm and wait for the process to be finalized without worries.

How Long Will I Have To Wait for a Warframe Refund

The Warframe refund processing time can be unpredictable as it depends on the commitment of the customer center agent to whom your ticket was allocated. If you provide them with a thorough explanation within your first message, there’s no need for further hassle and they usually start a refund process right away. Should they require more details, you will have to wait a little bit longer.

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