VELUX Customer Service Solutions You Didn't Know

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VELUX Customer Service Solutions You Didn't Know

When you have an issue with a product purchased from Velux group, you expect access to Velux customer service at any time to address the concern. A multinational organization like Velux Group is expected to ensure you can reach out to the customer service department easily regardless of location.

The company has systems in place to address your issues and leave you satisfied. However, Velux customer service can have many calls resulting in you experiencing delays as you wait to get in touch with a representative. You might have to wait for a long time or make multiple calls before your call goes through and communicate with a Velux windows customer service agent. This process can leave you frustrated.

Fear not! DoNotPay is here to end your stress of waiting to get through to a representative to voice your complaints or concerns.

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Velux Support Contact Channels

If you have a concern or complaint that needs to be addressed, you can make a complaint through an online contact form, phone call, email, and social pages.

Velux Support/FAQ SiteContact Page
Velux Phone Number01592 778 225
Velux AddressVELUX Group

Ådalsvej 99

2970 Hørsholm


Velux Social MediaTwitter






Velux Support

Online Contact Form

You are required to fill out an online form before you can send a message. The online form requires you to:

  1. Describe your customer type
  2. Provide your full names
  3. Provide your address and postcode
  4. Provide your town and country
  5. Provide your email
  6. Provide your phone number

Unfortunately, the Velux window customer care staff might take too long to respond.

Phone Call

You can contact Velux customer service by phone by calling 01592 778 225 — the service is available daily between 8 AM and 8 PM. Many complaints are made through the telephone, providing a direct line of communication with the company.

However, you are likely to waste a lot of time before getting help from the Velux customer service.


To contact Velux Customer service for product complaints, you can email or for any service or personnel complaints.

You can send your complaint through email as it is more time-efficient, leading to less stress.

However, there can be delays while waiting for a reply since the Velux customer service department might take time before checking your email.

Social Pages

You can opt for Velux's social media pages to file less serious concerns such as delayed deliveries or follow-up for previous complaints.

Velux's social media pages include:

However, using social media pages can take time before getting a resolution, as your complaint needs to be transferred to another department.

Alternative Ways of Resolving Customer Service Issues

Are you displeased with the resolution to your complaint? Have no fear! You still have other channels to explore. You can seek further action by visiting the company's corporate headquarters.

Velux Corporate Address

If you have issues requiring more action than from Velux customer service, you can take your complaints, enquiries, and concerns to the Velux Group head office in Hørsholm, Denmark. The postal address is:


Ådalsvej 99

2970 Hørsholm


Common Reasons to Contact Velux Customer Service

Organizations make mistakes, and Velux is no different. Even though the company has taken numerous steps to ensure you have the best products and services, the unexpected may occur. Furthermore, you might have queries about a product you bought from Velux and need clarification from the customer service staff.

Some of the reasons to get in touch with the Velux customer service department include:

  1. Requesting an exchange of a purchased product
  2. Clarification of the delivery status of your product
  3. Enquiry about payment systems

Different complaints have varying timelines on when you can get a resolution. Some can be time-consuming and stressful.

Let DoNotPay Help You With Velux Customer Service

When you have a concern with an order or service from Velux, the customer care department has to be the first stop to get a quick resolution. However, multinational organizations like Velux have limited capabilities in the customer service department leading to long wait times. You might contact firms that deal with such issues, but such actions are also time-consuming.

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