How to Reach Vanquis Customer Service Agents Fast

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Contact Vanquis Customer Service the Easy Way

Vanquis Bank is a subsidiary of Provident Financial Group, a UK and Ireland-based company with over 135 years of experience in the home credit sector. In 2016, Vanquis introduced Vanquis Loans, giving consumers another way to continue their credit-building path. If you have questions or complaints, contact , and they'll resolve your complaint.

Vanquis Bank combines almost a century of financial legacy with modern money management through online and app-based apps and accounts. It allows users to get credit where it might not otherwise be available.

It can take up to a half-dozen phone calls and steel nerves to reach a customer support person. Are you tired of sitting on hold for hours while listening to awful music? Use DoNotPay.

Vanquis Support Contact Number and Email

contact information:

Vanquis Corporate Office AddressCustomer Service, Vanquis Visa Card, PO Box 399, Chatham ME4 4WQ
Vanquis Phone Number 1 (domestic)0800 783 9003
Vanquis Phone Number 2 (international)+44 161 444 4495
Vanquis 24/7 Self-Service Line0330 099 3129
Vanquis Support

Alternative Ways to Resolve Vanquis Customer Service Complaints

There are various reasons you would wish to file a complaint with a company. Whatever your complaint is, allow the company to make things right. Therefore, the first step should be to register a formal complaint with the corporation concerned. It's preferable to express your dissatisfaction in writing, whether by letter or email. If the company has a formal complaints procedure, use it and escalate your complaint through it if you wish to pursue the matter further.

Suppose you're still unhappy with the result. In that case, you can make a complaint with the ombudsman or use an (ADR) alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

It is a way of resolving consumer-trader disputes without going to court. The government wants to encourage the development of ADR. All organisations committed to giving the best possible service to their customers should benefit from improved ADR and easier access to it.

The following are some ADR examples:

  1. Mediation: It is a method in which a neutral third party supports disputing parties in achieving a mutually acceptable agreement.
  2. Arbitration: It is a procedure in which a third party who is neutral assesses the facts and makes a conclusion that is usually binding on one or both parties.

There are several large and well-established ADR programs in the UK's regulated industries. These include:

  • Financial services
  • Telecoms
  • Energy

Many businesses outside regulated regions are already members of voluntary alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes.

Filing a Complaint to an Ombudsman

An ombudsman is a person who has been appointed to investigate complaints about a firm or organisation. You can make a complaint with an ombudsman if you've already complained to the organisation and haven't been able to settle your issue through their complaints process.

If the organisation takes too long to handle your complaint - usually eight weeks (but check the plan) - an ombudsman will look into it. Some ombudsmen will not investigate old complaints, so double-check their deadlines.

An ombudsman will not investigate your case if you have already filed a lawsuit.

How to File a Complaint With the Ombudsman

Go to the ombudsman's website to make a complaint; most of them include an online form. If you need to send documents, it's good to have copies of any necessary records.

What Happens if You File a Complaint?

Before rendering a conclusion, the ombudsman will review both parties' evidence. An ombudsman's investigation can take a long time. As a result, you may have to wait a while for a decision.

The ombudsman may determine that your complaint is reasonable; in that case, they will provide a recommendation to the organisation on how to fix it.

Although a public sector ombudsman cannot compel an institution to adopt their advice, they virtually always do. On the other hand, a private sector ombudsman's decision could be legally binding. They have the authority to make decisions that you might not be able to obtain if you went to court. For example, if you've lost money, the ombudsman can either ask the trader to apologise or force the trader to compensate you.

If you disagree with the ombudsman's decision, you may be able to file a lawsuit; nevertheless, the court will take the ombudsman's decision into account.

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