How to Reach UCAS Customer Service Reps Without the Wait

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How to Reach UCAS Customer Service Reps Without the Wait

UCAS is a UK-based organisation connecting people to colleges, universities, and post-university studies. The organisation plays a significant role in the application process for British universities.

Have you tried reaching out to UCAS customer service without much success? Or maybe you have heard how difficult it can be to get in touch with their customer service that you don't want to try at all. Getting in touch with customer service is not always as smooth as we'd want it to be. However, do not despair. Reaching their customer care staff can be challenging, but it is entirely possible.

DoNotPay always has your back in such situations. We will show you easy and effective ways to contact , and should you want extra assistance, we can reach out to them on your behalf.

How to Contact UCAS Customer Service

If for one reason or another, you are not satisfied with the services offered by UCAS, they allow you to reach out to their customer service team to voice your complaint and get help.

To get quick assistance with your request, you're advised to have and provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your UCAS Personal Identification number — if you are an applicant or lodging a complaint on behalf of an applicant
  3. The UCS centre number for schools and colleges
  4. A detailed description of your concern
  5. What action you'd like UCAS to do to set things right

Now that we've covered what is expected of you before contacting customer care, how exactly do you reach out to a customer care team member and get the assistance you need?

UCAS Support/FAQ SiteFAQ Page
UCAS Phone Number (Domestic)0371 468 0 468
UCAS Phone Number (International)+44 330 333 0230
UCAS Text Phone (Domestic)18001
UCAS Text Phone (International)+44 151 494 1260
UCAS Support


New Barn Lane



GL52 3LZ


Many people find calling to be the easiest and quickest method to get into contact with customer care staff. The advantage of calling and getting in touch with the customer care personnel is that your complaint will be resolved there and then. However, remember that you are not guaranteed to be put through to a customer care staff. Most times, you will be put on hold for long hours, and chances are you'll give up and hang up the phone without getting the assistance you anticipated.

You can call their Customer Experience Centre by contacting the UCAS Undergraduate at 0371 468 0 468 or +44 330 333 0230 if you are from outside the UK. Kindly note that international call rates apply if you are outside the UK. The ideal time to make your call is from 8:30 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. These are their opening hours.


Another way to get assistance from customer care is by sending an email to Once you send your email, a member of their team will get back to you within five working days.


If you'd rather write a letter, address it to the following address:



New Barn Lane



GL52 3LZ

Got a Question for UCAS Customer Service?

If you are trying to reach out to UCAS customer service to inquire rather than a complaint, it is highly recommended to go through their FAQs to see if your question has already been addressed. This will save you the time spent making the phone call and waiting to be put through to a customer care agent.

Here are some of their FAQ pages that may be helpful:

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