How To Get a TicketWeb Refund With No Fuss

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Everything You Should Know About TicketWeb Refund

TicketWeb is an online ticketing platform founded in 1995 which forms part of a larger corporation named Telemaster. It’s trusted by more than 40 venues that market their tickets and events on this platform, and it also offers numerous client and agency services.

Concert plans gone wrong? Or maybe you just changed your mind and decided not to go? No worries—there’s a chance to get your funds back fast, and this guide will show you the best ways to do it.

Understanding the TicketWeb Refund Policy

The TicketWeb refund policy allows you to request your money back if:

  • You were supposed to attend an event that has been canceled
  • You can’t attend the event anymore because the organizers have rescheduled it
  • There was a mistake regarding the price of the event ticket on the TicketWeb website that made you pay more than you should have
  • You were overcharged for any other reason apart from the incorrect price on the website
  • The tickets have been accidentally released for sale although they weren’t supposed to be, which is a mistake on the platform’s end

The refunded amount should be the face value of the ticket unless the ticket price was discounted. In such cases, you get the amount you paid after the discount was applied.

Cases When a TicketWeb Refund Isn’t Possible

Note that the company won’t consider you eligible for receiving a ticket refund if:

  • Your ticket was stolen, damaged, or you have lost it
  • You don’t want to go anymore for personal reasons
  • One or multiple performers are changed, and you wanted to attend the event only because of them
  • You breached any of the Event Provider rules
  • You can’t enter the venue because the security found prohibited objects among your belongings during the mandatory entry search

Delivery or travel expenses are never included in the refunded amount.

How To Outwit TicketWeb and Get a Refund In No Time With DoNotPay

There were certain reviewers on Trustpilot that stated they hadn’t been able to get compensation for postponed events as TicketWeb reps refused to honor it. The same happened to a group of customers who got overcharged due to a website bug.

Are you afraid that a situation like this might happen to you as well? There’s a much better solution that will take just a few minutes and make your chances to get your funds back much bigger.

DoNotPay, a spectacular AI-based virtual assistant, plays the role of a mediator between you and TicketWeb and requests a refund on your behalf.

The best part about this service is that you can try to demand compensation even in cases when the company doesn’t consider you entitled to receive your money back.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open DoNotPay—you can do it in your
  2. Go to your profile page and find the section named File a Chargeback
  3. Click on Get Protected
  4. Enter your personal data and the transaction details
  5. Check the option that allows DoNotPay to send a dispute letter on your behalf
  6. Add your signature and select the Sign and Submit button

After the final step, DoNotPay generates a letter and faxes it to your bank. Our app also offers to help you build your evidence and make your request firmer. It’s quite simple—we include a special reason code list for Visa or Mastercard credit cards that help you reinforce your refund request, as proposed by the Fair Credit Billing Act.

Alternative Methods of Requesting a TicketWeb Refund

Apart from the DoNotPay request method—which is the most efficient one—you can also try sending an email directly to TicketWeb or contacting them through a phone call.

Can You Request a Refund Via









How To Ask for a Refund via Email

You can contact the TicketWeb help center anytime by sending an email to Note that it might take a couple of days until you receive a reply—the promptness of the response depends on the incoming query volume.

If you want to make the process quicker, make sure you include a detailed explanation in your email since the agents will need as much information about the transaction as possible. This way, you will avoid confusion, skip a whole string of additional email correspondence, and jump straight to the resolution of your problem.

How To Ask for a Refund via Phone

The official customer support phone number for the USA is 1-866-468-3399. Here’s how to report the issue and request a refund through a phone call:

  1. Dial the above-mentioned number
  2. Explain the issue once your call is transferred to a customer support representative
  3. Provide them with your transaction details and explain why you want a refund
  4. Wait for the representative to check your case and tell you whether you are entitled to receive a refund

In case you’re having trouble with a constantly engaged customer service phone line, you can use another handy feature DoNotPay offers and jump the phone queue in no time.

How Long Does It Take To Receive a TicketWeb Refund?

TicketWeb will process your refund as soon as an agent confirms that you are eligible for it. The money might take up to two weeks to appear on your bank account. Note that the refunded amount will show up on the original payment method you have used for the purchase.

What Should I Do if My Credit Card Is Unavailable?

There are no alternative ways or methods of receiving your refund except through the original payment method. You can always send an email to customer support or phone them and explain the issue you’re having. Depending on the situation, they might be able to help or suggest another way to rectify this.

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