Canceling HP Instant Ink Subscription

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Cancel HP Instant Ink plan in a few easy steps

One of the downsides of owning a printer is forgetting to replace the ink cartridge before it's too late. This is the reason why you and 2 million subscribers use the paid HP Instant Ink service and have your cartridge delivered when your printer is low on ink. If you are okay with buying your ink in the store or want to cancel this service for any reason, here is how DoNotPay can help.

Can you cancel withYes / No

Let DoNotPay cancel HP Instant Ink for you

Canceling any service can take time and be annoying. If you want to avoid waiting on hold to cancel HP Instant Ink, there is another, easier way to do it. With just a few clicks, DoNotPay can cancel this service for you from your smartphone or computer. Here is all you need to do for this to happen.

  1. Start the DoNotPay app in your favorite web browser.
  2. Choose “Find Hidden Money.”
  3. As a service, you want to cancel, enter “HP Instant Ink.”

We will inform you via email when your subscription is canceled.

Cancel HP Instant Ink manually

If you want to cancel the HP Instant Ink subscription on your own, you will have to do it by phone or online on the company website. Note that the cancelation is in effect from the last day of your current billing period and not on the date you actually cancel your HP Instant Ink service.

Cancel HP Instant Ink subscription online

  1. Go to the HP Instant Ink website and sign in to your account.
  2. On the HP Instant Ink account page, click on My Plan section.
  3. Click on the Edit button.
  4. Choose Cancel Enrollment at the bottom left.
  5. Confirm the cancelation by clicking on Cancel Service.
  6. You will receive an email confirming the cancelation of the HP Instant Ink service.

Cancel HP Instant Ink with a phone call

  1. Prepare your personal information to give to the agent.
  2. Call the HP Customer Support at 1‑855‑785‑2777 and let the agent know you want to end your membership.
  3. Your subscription should be canceled.

Possible problems after canceling HP Instant Ink

When you cancel the HP Instant Ink service, it will still be valid until the end of the current Free Plan or any of the paid plans. After this, your HP Instant Ink cartridge will not work, and you need to replace it with standard replacement ink cartridges. This can cause problems, such as printing, interrupted mid-page or not being able to print anything at all. If you plan to cancel HP Instant Ink, buy a replacement ink cartridge before you do this so you can continue printing.

If you notice any additional charges after you've canceled the HP Instant Ink service and the billing period is over, use DoNotPay to contest these unwanted expenses.

Will HP Instant Ink free trial auto-renew into a paid subscription?

To get up to 300 free pages with the HP Instant Ink service, you need to choose one of the paid plans. Once you do this, you should be offered a trial period. When the trial period is over, your subscription will automatically be renewed into the paid plan you choose when signing up. The trial period is not available if you select the Free Plan (15 pages/month).

DoNotPay has your back after the free trial is over

The most common problem with the auto-renew option is that you forget about it. This can lead to an undesired charge on your credit card after the free trial is over. You don’t have to worry about this if you use Do Not Pay’s virtual credit card. If you decide to use our virtual credit card, HP Instant Ink (or any other service) won’t be able to charge you after the trial period.

Allow DoNotPay to monitor all of your subscriptions

Unused subscriptions can cost you a lot of money! An average American spends over $360 per year on unused subscription services. If you believe to be one of them, start monitoring all your subscriptions before you waste any more money. DNP can do this for you and help you detect the subscriptions you don’t use and cancel them for you. It is a matter of a few clicks and won’t take more than a minute or two.

Can you pause the HP Instant Ink subscription and not cancel it?

No. HP Instant Ink doesn’t offer an option to pause or temporarily stop using the service. You will have to cancel it entirely and re-enroll later, when convenient. Downgrading your monthly plan is also an option. Here is how you can change your monthly plan:

  1. Sign in to your HP Instant Ink account.
  2. Choose Change Plan in the My Account section.
  3. Select your desired plan when the My Plan section opens.
    • For upgrading: choose when your upgraded plan should start. It can become valid immediately or when a new billing period begins.
    • For downgrading: your new plan will be in effect when the new billing period starts.
  4. Click on the Change Plan button.

Does HP Instant Ink give a refund after you cancel the service?

HP Instant Ink won’t give you a refund if you cancel the service before the billing period is over. To avoid unwanted charges, you should unsubscribe before the current billing period ends.

Is HP Instant Ink unfair to you? DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to them in small claims court

If you experience problems with HP Instant Ink even after you canceled its services, it’s time to take things to the next level. If they are still charging you after cancelation or mistreating you in any other way, allow DoNotPay to help, you present your case before the small claims court.

You shouldn’t spend your time filing the claim yourself when the DoNotPay AI Consumer Champion is here to help you. The DoNotPay AI Consumer Champion received the 2020 Louis M. Brown Award for access awarded by the American Bar Association.

This is how HP Instant Ink charges look on your credit card statement

Every charge HP Instant Ink makes will be visible on your credit card statement. Here are some examples of how it may appear in your statement.

HP INSTANT INK 855-785-2777 CAHP *INSTANT INKDebit Purchase -visa Hp *instant Ink 855-785-2777ca
HP *INSTANT INK 855-785-2777 CA 94304 USDebit Card Purchase - HP INSTANT INK 855 785 2777 CAINSTANT INK 855-785-2777 CA

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Cancel HP Instant Ink - FAQ

How to cancel an HP Ink subscription?

You can cancel an HP Ink subscription online or by calling their customer service at 1-855-785-2777.

Can I pause HP Instant Ink?

Yes, you can temporarily pause your HP Instant Ink subscription for up to 4 months. To pause your account, sign into your account here, go to My Account > Account Settings > Cancel My HP Instant Ink Subscription. Then, select "I'm canceling temporarily, or experiencing financial hardship". Follow the rest of the prompts and you will successfully pause your HP Instant Ink subscription.

How to contact HP Instant Ink customer service?

You can contact HP Instant Ink's customer service at 1-855-785-2777.

How to cancel HP+?

To cancel your HP+, sign into your account here, navigate to HP+ Print Plans > Plan Overview > Change Plan > Cancel My HP+ Print Plan Subscription. You can also call HP support at 1-855-785-2777 to cancel your HP+ plan.

How to cancel an HP support subscription?

The easiest way to cancel your HP SmartFriend subscription is to call +1-844-814-1801. You can also sign into your HP SmartFriend account here and navigate to "Manage my services" to cancel your account.

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