How to Get a Venmo Refund

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Venmo? Heck No! How to Get a Venmo Refund?

Venmo is a mobile payment service and a subsidiary of PayPal. The app allows users to transfer funds to others, and it handled $12 billion in transactions back in the first quarter of 2018. People use Venmo for splitting meals and cab fares, which is super convenient. Venmo does not have an option to cancel which you can use to instantly get your money back or undo the payment, but there are a couple of options you can resort to if you want to get your money back. You do not have to do it on your own — DoNotPay can take care of that on your behalf.

How to Refund a Venmo Payment With DoNotPay

DoNotPay is always the easiest way to refund Venmo payments. Doing it on your own can take a while, and you need to read through the refund policies to understand the process fully, but not with DoNotPay. Getting a Venmo refund with DoNotPay is quick and easy. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account in your or download the
  2. Scroll down and find Instant Chargeback
  3. Click on Get Protected
  4. Fill in the necessary information and answer the chatbot’s questions
  5. Click on Sign and Send

After you’ve successfully completed the steps, DoNotPay will automatically fax your bank and request a refund. While the refund is being processed, you will be able to go through the VISA and MasterCard codes we provide you with and gather the information that will be useful for your refund request. DoNotPay can assist you in creating evidence for your case or contact the merchant on your behalf.

How to Get a Venmo Refund On Your Own

It is advised that you contact the merchant first if you are not satisfied with a purchase you made.

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes / No










If you cannot get through to the merchant or you cannot come to a solution with the business, you can contact Venmo’s support team via email. Venmo does not guarantee a refund, but the support team will be able to assist you as much as possible.

When you apply for a refund on your own, you will have to provide the following information to Venmo:

  1. Reason for your claim
  2. Date and amount of the transaction
  3. The seller’s name
  4. An explanation of your issue

When responding to Venmo’s requests for documentation, you may have to provide receipts, police reports, third party evaluations, or other specified documentation. Note that you have to provide the necessary information on time.

It is likely that you will also have to ship the item back to the seller at your expense and provide proof of delivery.

All of this is too complicated and time-consuming. That is why you should use DoNotPay to make everything quick and efficient.

Requesting a Venmo Refund via Email

To contact Venmo’s customer support and request a refund, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to the support team at
  2. Explain the reason for your refund request

It will probably take a couple of business days until you hear from Venmo’s customer support.

Requesting a Venmo Refund via Phone

You can call (855) 812-4430 to open a dispute within 180 days of the date you made the purchase. A customer support representative will provide you with all the necessary information after you’ve explained your request.

Venmo Refund Policy

The Venmo refund policy states that there are several scenarios in which you can get a payment refund.

Payments may be refunded or reversed if:

  • The payment was sent by Venmo by mistake
  • The funding transaction is declined or reversed
  • The payment is not authorized
  • The payment is used for activities that violate Venmo’s user agreement

If a sender or recipient of a payment that has been refunded for any of the reasons above, you may be liable for the full amount of the payment, and Venmo can recover the amount of the payment from you, including any fees that might occur.

Venmo Business Profiles Refunds

If you buy a product from a seller that has a business profile on Venmo and you refund the transaction, the money will be sent back to you. It may not always be refunded to the payment method used to make the purchase in the first place.

If you are the seller, and you’ve sold goods or services, and a customer has requested a refund, you are responsible for the full amount of the payment. You are also responsible for any fees that might be included and the chargeback fees.

If you, the seller, lose the refund claim, Venmo will deduct the funds from your profile. If you do not have sufficient funds to cover the refund, this will result in a negative balance, which you owe directly to Venmo. In case the payment methods linked to your profile do not have sufficient funds to cover the due amount, you must add funds to your balance immediately. If you dispute a transaction with the Venmo Purchase Program and Venmo decides against you, you can dispute the transaction with your card issuer.

If this is a lot to take in, there is always a less complicated option for getting a Venmo refund, and that is exactly what DoNotPay can do for you!

Chargeback Fees

If you are a seller on Venmo and a customer pursues a chargeback for the translation directly through their card issuer, you will have to pay the chargeback fee.

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