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Contact the Entertainer Customer Service With the Eay Way

The Entertainer is the UK's largest independent toy retailer, founded in 1981 by Gary and Catherine Grant. It offers a child-friendly retail environment shaped by the Christian values of Gary Grant. Therefore, you would not expect them to work on Sunday. The Entertainer is part of Teal Holdings, incorporating the Early Learning Center and Addo.

The Entertainer customer service serves customers who buy their toys from an Entertainer store or online platform. You need to contact the customer support service when you have issues related to your purchase or their operations. Unfortunately, it doesn't guarantee the effectiveness required to respond to your inquiries.

With the DoNotPay Skip Waiting on Line product, you can easily contact . We will reach out to their service on your behalf and contact you once they respond to your inquiries. Follow the steps below and enjoy a seamless way to communicate with Entertainer customer service.

Reasons Why You Would Contact the Entertainer Customer Service

Customers contact for various reasons. These include issues with:

  • Gift cards
  • Promotions and voucher codes
  • Catalogues
  • Donations
  • Invoices

Issues Associated With Gift Cards

Some of the issues associated with gift cards include:

  1. How to redeem your gift card
  2. What kind of gift cards do they accept?

Issues Associated With Promotions and Vouchers

Some of the inquiries made in regards to promotions and vouchers include:

  • Relevant promotions or discounts that will be deducted
  • When a promotion will last
  • Terms and conditions for a specific promotion or voucher card

Issues Related to Catalogues

Some of the inquiries that customers would raise to the Entertainer customer services related to catalogues include:

  1. What kind of items are included in their catalogues?
  2. Pre-purchase advice on specific products

Inquiries Related to Charity Donations

Customers and charity organisers can seek assistance from the Entertainer's customer services regarding issues such as:

  • Whether they are supporting any charity for now
  • How much they can get from their charity donation
  • Who to speak to when seeking donations for a charity

Issues Associated With VAT Invoices

Customers who want to get a VAT invoice for their purchases should contact the Entertainment customer service.

Other issues that would make you contact the Entertainer's customer service include:

  • Checking whether there's a store near your place
  • Inquiry about an order
  • Seeking to return a damaged toy

How to Contact the Entertainer's Customer Service?

You can use the following options to contact the Entertainer's customer service:

  1. Live chat
  2. Contact form
  3. Call them
  4. Social media
Entertainer Support/FAQ SiteSupport Form
Entertainer Phone Number0333 320 5100
Entertainer Social MediaFacebook



How to Contact the Entertainer Customer Service via Live Chat

To chat with an Entertainer customer service agent, click on the blue ‘help’ icon on the bottom right of the screen and click ‘get in touch’ to start your live chat.

How to Contact the Entertainer Customer Service via Contact Form

Complete the Contact Us form to speak to the Entertainer’s customer service agent.

How to Contact the Entertainer Customer Service via a Phone Call

Call the Entertainer customer service on 0333 320 5100. Your call will be charged at the usual standards. The customer service phone number is open between 8 am - 7 pm Mondays to Friday, and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

How to Contact the Entertainer's Customer Service on Social Media

You can send your message to the Entertainer's customer service via the following social media links:

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