South Western Railway's Customer Service Contact Information

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is a British train company that operates commuter services for its central London terminal to South West London and other suburban services in Surrey, Hampshire, and Dorset Counties. Regional services are also provided by South Western Railway in Devon, Somerset, Berkshire, and Wiltshire.

How to Contact South Western Railway Customer Service on Your Own

There are several ways that you can contact South Western Railway Customer Service by yourself. You should first determine how quickly you want to resolve your issue or the reason for the contact. Some ways may garner a response or resolution more quickly than others.

South Western Railway Support/FAQ SiteHelp Page
South Western Railway Phone Number0345 6000 650
South Western Railway Postvia Freepost to SWR CUSTOMER RELATIONS
South Western Railway Social MediaTwitter





South Western Railway Support EmailContact Form
  1. Email
  • If your issue does not require that you urgently speak with someone, you can email South Western Railway Customer Service by completing the form which can be found on the website. There are options for you to use to identify your reason for your contact, such as service complaints, staff praise, etc. You will be asked for all your contact information such as an address, phone, and email. Then you will be asked to complete questions about your journey and describe what happened. There is a place for you to upload a photo as well.
  • When complete, submit the form and wait for a response.
  1. Post
  • You can send your post via Freepost to SWR CUSTOMER RELATIONS
  • Be sure to detail why you are contacting them, the time, date, and place of your complaint or concern and any other pertinent information that you think should be included.
  1. Phone
  • Call the Customer Service Centre at 0345 6000 650
  • The hours that customer service is open are: Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00, Saturday 09:00 -18:00, Sunday 09:00 –16:00
  • Sometimes heavy call volume may extend your wait.
  1. Social Media
  • Contact Customer Service through Twitter

If you are reporting a crime, there is a form to fill out that goes to the British Transport Police. There are options, as well, if you are needing assisted travel on the website. If you have filed a complaint and have not gotten a response or did not get a satisfactory resolution, you can contact the Rail Ombudsman for further determination free of charge.

What Causes the Most Customer Service Issues for the Railway Industry?

Overall, the primary reason that customers of any rail service contact the customer service department is for making a complaint. Complaints vary but some of the most common are:

  • Being treated poorly by railway employees. This includes things like rudeness, not being helpful, and even discriminatory behavior.
  • Ticket prices are too high. Even if fares haven't changed, consumers are feeling the pinch overall from the economy and will complain about ticket prices.
  • Tickets are too complex. Tickets can be confusing and consumers want better communication.

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