Sex Offenders Registry, DC—Learn the Rules and DoNotPay’s Tips for Extra Safety

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Forget About the Sex Offenders Registry, DC—DoNotPay Gets You the Latest Updates Regularly and Automatically

There are nearly 700,000 residents in the District of Columbia. With 1,170 registered sex offenders on the Sex Offender Registry, DC has one sex offender on every 582 residents.

This registrant density shouldn’t be taken lightly. The only way to keep your family out of harm's way is to stay informed about the criminals in your community.

DoNotPay can make the Sex Offender Registry browsing easier for you. and make the most of our Sex Offender Search tool. Our feature allows you to set up weekly notifications for new offenders in your area.

How To Search the DC Sex Offender Registry

The Washington DC Sex Offender Registry has two search options—you can look up:

  1. An offender’s name
  2. An address

Once you type in your query and click the Search button, you’ll get a list of registrants and their locations on the map. Note that the offender map shows the results based on the block where the registrant lives. You can’t get detailed info.

The results of your online search will include only Class A and B offenders. If you’d like to get info about Class C offenders, you can visit any DC police station.

DC Sex Offender Registration Laws

The DC sex offender registration laws require all convicted offenders and those found not guilty by reason of insanity to register. In the case of adjudicated juveniles, they can stay unregistered as they weren’t prosecuted as adults.

Washington DC Sex Offender Classification

The DC Sex Offender Registry has a unique sex offender classification system. Here is the DC classification compared to the rest of the country’s sex offender tiers:

Other States’ ClassificationClassified According to Recidivism PossibilityDCClassified According to the Offense Gravity
Tier/Level 1LowClass CA crime against a person 18 years of age or older:
  • Third- or fourth-degree sexual abuse
  • First- or second-degree burglary or kidnapping with the intent to commit a sexual offense
  • Threatening, attempting, or conspiring to commit any of the listed crimes
Tier/Level 2MediumClass BA sex offense against a person under the age of 18:
  • First-, second-, third-, and fourth-degree sex abuse
  • Misdemeanor sex abuse
  • Carnal knowledge
  • Sodomy
  • Indecent acts on a child
  • Enticing a child
  • Incest
  • Prostitution
  • Assault
  • Conspiring, attempting, or threatening to commit a sexual offense
Tier/Level 3HighClass AThe following sex offenses:
  • First- and second-degree sexual abuse
  • Forcible rape
  • First-degree sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12
  • Carnal knowledge of a child under the age of 12
  • Murder or manslaughter committed before, during, or after engaging in or attempting to commit a sexual act, contact, or rape
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Sodomy committed against a child under the age of 12

Metropolitan Police Department—Community Notification Duties

Megan’s Law, Sex Offender Registration Act, and other sex offender registration laws allow the public to access registered sex offender information.

The Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for maintaining the DC Sex Offender Registry website. They must also inform the public about the release of convicted sex offenders. MPD does this in the following way:

Active/Passive NotificationsDescriptionProvided To
  • Community meetings
  • Flyers
  • Telephone calls
  • Door-to-door contacts
  • Direct mail
  • Media releases
  • Class A to everyone
  • Class B and C:
    • Schools
    • Daycare centers
    • Other youth organizations
    • Institutions for the elderly
    • Victims of sexual abuse and their families
    • Witnesses of sexual crimes and their families
    • Any person that may be in danger and their families
  • Internet posts
  • Online Sex Offender Registry
  • Responding to all inquiries over the phone or email or in person
  • Class A and B to everyone
  • Class C to everyone but not via the online Sex Offender Registry

Sex offender rules and regulations in DC don’t prohibit the offenders from changing their residence or traveling as long as they inform the police. This doesn’t apply to the convicts whose sentences include residential and traveling limitations.

Search the Washington DC Sex Offender Registry With DoNotPay—Get Timely Alerts About Offenders’ Movements

The sex offender info can change quickly as they don’t have any general relocation limitations in DC. To stay up to date, you should visit the state’s registry or police stations regularly.

DoNotPay offers a more efficient method. Our Sex Offender Search tool entails the following benefits:

  • Fast and user-friendly search
  • Great choice of search options
  • Flexible area scans—you can pick a one-, two-, or three-mile radius search
  • Automated and customizable reports because you set the search parameters once and get detailed notifications weekly

The Sex Offender Search tool is reliable and easy to use:

  1. and tap Sex Offender Search
  2. Select the search method
  3. Choose the desired search perimeter
  4. Fill out your search criteria and turn on the weekly notifications

DoNotPay will scan the area for new offenders regularly and send you reports so that you can stay safe and not worry about offenders’ recidivism rates.

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