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Contact ScotRail Customer Service the Easy Way

Are you having trouble with ? Don't worry; we've got you. ScotRail operates rail services in Scotland. They have a customer service department that handles calls and emails about the service and complaints and product questions.

But that option doesn't always produce the best results. From call avoidance from customer support agents, transferring to other departments, to the annoyingly long call time, the situation in customer support is wanting. It doesn't come as a shock that 91% of all unsatisfied customers leave to seek services elsewhere due to such issues.

DoNotPay is here to support you and change these statistics for the better.

ScotRail Support Contact Number and Email

There are multiple ways of getting a hold of . They all have a single goal; to enable you to get the best help any loyal traveler should get.

Here are the contacts you can use to get help with the ScotRail brand:

ScotRail Support/FAQ SiteOnline contact form
ScotRail Phone Number 1 (working hours 7 am - 10 pm)0344 811 0141
ScotRail Phone Number 2 (outside working hours)0141 335 524
ScotRail Snail mailScotRail Customer Relations

PO BOX 27129


ScotRail Support
  1. Website: ScotRail
  2. Telephone Numbers: 0344 811 0141 (working hours 7 am - 10 pm), and 0141 335 524 (outside working hours)
  3. Email:
  4. Support/FAQ Site: Online contact form
  5. Snail Mail:

ScotRail Customer Relations

PO BOX 27129


Response conditions:

  • ScotRail promises:
  • Reply to you as fast as possible, with a comprehensive reply coming within 20 days
  • Respond to at least 95% of all customer complaints (by letter, email, website and website portal) within ten working days (sometimes more if they have to investigate). Don't worry, they'll send you £10 as an apology
  • Respond to 80% of all phone calls within 30 seconds.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

You do not always get a satisfactory response from ScotRail customer service reps and decide to pursue the matter further. In that case, you'll need all the help you can get. While customer service is the first line of settling a dispute, it's not the only one. Others include:

  1. The Ombudsman

The Rail Ombudsman helps the brand deliver its commitment to increasing customer satisfaction. The Ombudsman also represents the public interests by investigating and addressing complaints fairly and reasonably.

You can reach the ombudsman through:

Website and live chat: Rail Ombudsman

Tel: 0330 094 0362 or 0330 094 0363


Twitter: @RailOmbudsman

These are tactics for settling disputes before considering litigation or lawsuits.

The most common ADR tactic in Scotland and UK, in general, include:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Direct negotiation
  • Conciliation
  1. Small Claims Court

When all fails, and you fail to reach a common ground or understanding, It's time to bring out the big guns. Taking ScotRail to Small Claims Court should be the last resort, and you should prove that you tried all the other methods.

When you win in small claims court, you might be compensated £ 5,000

  1. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

This involves settling a dispute via the internet using emails, live chats and video teleconferencing.

Unfortunately, ScotRail doesn't have such a mechanism to help you out.

If you aren't satisfied with how the store handled your complaint internally, you can use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for help.

ScotRail Corporate Address

ScotRail customer service has addressed may or may not your issue successfully. However, it pays to know the company's corporate address and contacts for the following reasons:

  • To serve the company lawsuit papers and notices
  • To demonstrate disappointment at the poor customer service
  • To ask for a refund
  • When you need your issue handled by an authoritarian figure.
  • To identify the senior management of the brand

To achieve this, you can head to:

ScotRail Head Office

Abellio UK HQ

5th Floor

Culzean Building, 36 Renfield Street

Glasgow, G2 1LU

Common Reasons People Contact ScotRail Customer Support?

Nobody calls a customer service department for fun. You must have a solid reason when you decide to endure the long wait calls or on-holds. The most common issues promoting customers to call ScotRail customer service include:

  • Making a reservation
  • Asking about delays
  • File a complaint or compliment
  • Getting a refund for your ticket
  • Complaints about the staff and other safety-related challenges
  • Claiming for a loss, damage to property and personal injury

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ScotRail Customer Service is Just the Beginning

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