How to Contact Revolut Customer Service the Easy Way

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How to Contact Revolut Customer Service Without Waiting on Hold

Reaching a live human at Revolut is hard. First, you have to wait on hold for several minutes, sometimes even an hour.

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How to Contact Revolut Customer Support

You can contact through their in-app chat. Their support team is available 24/7. Premium, Metal and Plus plan customers will receive priority service over Standard customers. When you contact them via chat, you’ll speak to a chatbot. If the chatbot can’t help you, you’ll be directed to a human.

If you have a complaint, contact them via the in-app chat or your web browser. You can also submit your complaint via their online form or email to

Another way to contact them is to block your Revolut card in the app or call their automated phone line at +442033228352. This automated number only offers recorded information.

One of the biggest complaints against Revolut is poor customer support, based on reviews on BrokerChooser, TrustPilot and On, Revolut’s customer service gets 1.1 stars out of 5.

Below is a summary of Revolut customer service contact information

Customer ServiceContact Information
Phone Number+442033228352

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

If you can’t get a satisfactory response from Revolut or want to complain more, you have three options.

They are

  1. ADR Schemes (Alternative Dispute Resolutions)
  2. Ombudsman
  3. Small claims court

Here is what these options provide in greater detail.

ADR Schemes (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

An Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides independent arbitration to help settle a dispute. They will try to help both parties find an amicable solution.

The decision of an arbitrator is binding on both parties. If you’re not happy with the decision, you can’t take the matter to court afterward or use an ombudsman service.


An Ombudsman acts as an independent referee. They will look at both sides of a dispute and then offer a solution.

Each Ombudsman services have different requirements regarding timing. Some Ombudsman services may require you to give the company more time to resolve the issue.

To submit a complaint to an ombudsperson, you must go to their website. Most Ombudsmen have an online form to fill out.

Every ombudsman service specialises in certain types of disputes. So, you want to pick the right one. To settle a dispute with Revolut, you must contact a Financial Ombudsman service. They handle problems with banks and other financial institutions

Small Claims Court

You may have to file a suit in small claims court as a final solution. Before you go to small claims court, you’ll need to show that you’ve tried all methods to solve the dispute.

Also, please be aware that the total amount of money you can claim in a small claims court in England is £10,000.

Revolut’s Corporate Address

The corporate address for Revolut is

Revolut LTD

7 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf

London, England E14 4HD

This address may be helpful to you if you don’t get an adequate response from their customer service. Maybe you’ll get the attention of someone in upper management.

Another reason you may need their corporate address is if you intend to file a lawsuit against Revolut in small claims court. You’ll need the address to know where to send the demand letter.

Get in Touch With Revolut Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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