What Is Rangemaster's Customer Service Number

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What Is Rangemaster's Customer Service Contact Information

Reaching out to Rangemaster customer service is a great way to get your product issues sorted. If you have any questions or are dissatisfied with the service you have gotten, Rangemaster offers a variety of ways to contact them. Rangemaster is a kitchen equipment and interior furnishings manufacturer and reseller. Under the brand's AGA, La Cornue, Rangemaster, Falcon, Rayburn, Grange, and Fired Earth, the firm sells a variety of cooking implements and kitchen appliances.

Waiting a couple of days for a response to your customer service email, or listening to the same hold music for hours. It's an issue that many people have encountered while attempting to contact customer service. This might be aggravating, especially if you have a problem that you want to be resolved through the organization. However, you no longer need to be concerned since DoNotPay is here to assist you in contacting in the most efficient manner possible.

Rangemaster Support Contact Number and Email

You can through these details:

Rangemaster Phone numberCooking or Refrigeration: 01926 457628

Sinks and Taps: 01926 457627

Dishwashers: 01926 457628

Consumer Services: 01926 457628

Rangemaster By postCustomer Relations, AGA Rangemaster, Station Road, Ketley, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 5AQ
Rangemaster Emailinfo@rangemaster.se.

Support service is available from Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

You can also reach Rangemaster through:

Rangemaster Complaint Process

Rangemaster will do everything possible to offer you the best appropriate solution for your unique case and, when possible, to ensure that your issue is handled to your satisfaction. If you contact them by letter or email, they will thoroughly investigate your complaint, taking into account all of the issues highlighted in your writing as well as the service information in our files. They will make certain that your issue is investigated by the employee in the organization who is most qualified to handle it. They will generally reply by phone, but if this is not feasible, you will receive a written response within five days of receiving your contact.

The company will do everything it can to fix your issue as quickly as possible. If your complaint is critical, such as if you are suffering a loss of service, they will prioritize it as necessary to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Their goal is to notice your complaint the same day or the following business day, but it may take longer to thoroughly handle your concern. However, you'll be kept updated every step of the way till you're satisfied with the outcome. Some complaints, by their very nature, may take longer to settle than others, especially if they are technical in nature.

You will be informed if they are unable to reach an agreement on the settlement of your complaint within a fair length of time, preferably within 10 days. They will make every effort to bring you up to date on developments in a manner that is most comfortable for you and at a time suitable for you.

Common Reasons People Contact Rangemaster Support

Some of the most common reasons customers contact Rangemaster support include:

  1. Delivery delays
  2. Inquiring about product prices
  3. Appliances not working

Rangemaster Corporate address

AGA Rangemaster, Meadow Lane, Long Eaton

NG10 2GD


United Kingdom

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Customer support can also be engaged for :

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