Reach Premier Inn Customer Service Without Waiting on Hold

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Contact Premier Inn Customer Service the Easy Way

Customer service phone queues are never fun. They take valuable time to get through, and there's no telling how long you'll have to wait. Thanks to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, hold times in the UK are only getting longer, according to This Is Money.

All that waiting takes a toll. Sometimes customers may rather just live with a problem, rather than go through the hassle of dealing with customer service. Although Premier Inn is a great place to holiday, contacting may be inconvenient. And issues arise with hotel stays, even at the best of companies.

Instead of spending all that time on hold, try DoNotPay. Their Customer Service product can move you to the front of almost any phone line, including the Premier Inn customer service queue.

How to Contact Premier Inn Customer Service

Getting hold of a human customer service representative is a struggle for many consumers or clients especially when it involves large companies like Walmart or Amazon. When you want to call any customer service going online and looking for their details becomes a task in itself.

Premier Inn state on their website that they're currently getting more calls than usual. That means wait times will be even longer on phone queues.

Premier Inn Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us and Help Centre
Phone Number0333 003 8101

(For Booking between 5 & 9 hotel rooms)

FacebookPremier Inn
InstagramPremier Inn

Since Premier Inn has multiple locations, contacting customer service can be tricky. If you have a problem at the property where you stayed or will be staying, you'll need to contact the property directly.

However, other problems may need to go through Premier Inn’s corporate. Call corporate if you need to:

  • Book a large number of rooms (more than nine)
  • Have a problem with billing that can't be solved by the property
  • Need to escalate an issue that the property hasn't adequately addressed

There are also other ways to contact Premier Inn's corporate. Their website has a feedback form. Filling out this form could get you in touch with customer service at Premier Inn, but there's no telling how long it will take. Resolving an issue online through Premier Inn customer service may take a while.

To contact an individual property, look it up in the Premier Inn hotel directory.

Why Contact Premier Inn Customer Service

There are many reasons to contact customer service.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Inns has a few answers to commonly asked questions on their website. It's best to try and get your answer from the FAQs before going through customer service. That will save you a lot of time, and may even get you a more complete answer.

Luckily, Premier Inn has a lot of functionality on its website. You won't need to contact customer service to change or cancel a booking, for example.

  1. Call the Property

If you are arriving late to your room, call the property directly to let them know. That's only if you are arriving at 11 PM or later.

If you've left something at the hotel, get in touch with the property directly.

When to Call Corporate

Problems with staff or accommodations at an individual property should probably go through corporate. Although you may be able to address your complaint by speaking to the property directly, a complaint to corporate will not be ignored or covered up.

Jumping the Premier Inn Customer Service Phone Queue With DoNotPay

Contacting Premier Inn Customer Service may seem easy. After all, it's just a phone call.

But anyone who has ever contacted a customer service phone number knows that they can get complicated. Customer service phone lines often have long wait times, and waiting on hold can be a pain.

Don't waste your time waiting in the queue. Let DoNotPay do the waiting for you. Their Customer Service product will help you jump the line, saving you valuable time.

Here's how to get started

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What if Customer Service Can’t Help?

If customer service can't resolve your issue, there's still hope. The UK has laws and agencies that protect consumers. Here are some agencies to contact if you have a problem that customer service can't solve

If you decide to give the company another go, DoNotPay can always help get you in touch with customer service again. Plus, the service works with other companies, too.

DoNotPay's Solution Works With Almost Any Company

DoNotPay's customer service product isn't just for Premier Inn. The service works with many companies, including

  1. Walmart
  2. Amazon
  3. Marriot
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  5. Sky
  6. EE
  7. Vodafone
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  9. John Lewis
  10. Currys

With DoNotPay, you won't have to wait in phone queues, including phone queue.

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