Reach Post Office Broadband's Customer Service Without the Wait

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Reach Post Office Broadband's Customer Service Without the Wait

Post Office is a widely spread household brand in the UK. Post Office may have started with shipping mail and selling stamps, but quickly expanded to many areas including lending and insurance. For a while, Post Office was also offering a broadband internet and phone service. However, that is no longer the case. If you have an issue with Post Office Broadband, it either relates to a broadband partner or an old account issue from before 2019.

has not been available for years and you may have noticed that their support pages are mostly shut down. However, if you have an old customer service matter with Post Office Broadband to resolve, DoNotPay can help you take the necessary steps with an easy online process.

What Happened to Post Office Broadband?

stopped offering a Broadband service in 2019 when they decided to sell their broadband branch to Shell in order to "focus on their core services" like package shipping and banking. During this transition, all Post Office Broadband customers were transferred directly to being customers of Shell Broadband.

Shell has been providing broadband with a preference for ultra-fast fibre connections since 2016, and was in a position to buy when Post Office was selling. All account that was once Post Office Broadband will now manage their accounts through Shell. There was a temporary transition period when accounts could be managed through both website domains, but this has since closed down.

Contacting Shell Broadband for Current Customers

Do you need Post Office Broadband customer service? Old issues from previous Post Office Broadband accounts will likely be dealt with by Shell Broadband customer service. We can help you get in touch with Shell through the following contact methods.

Post Office Broadband WebsiteAccount Management
Post Office Broadband Phone Number0330 094 5801
Post Office Broadband EmailEmail Form
Post Office Broadband SupportLive Chat
Post Office Broadband ComplaintsComplaints

Can You Resolve an Old Issue With Post Office Broadband?

If you have a previous account with Post Office Broadband and a customer service issue to resolve, you may be able to contact the existing Post Office company. You may still have an active account if you use other Post Office services. You can contact Post Office customer service through this enquiry form.

Get in Touch With Post Office Broadband Customer Service Using DoNotPay

If you are in need of assistance, DoNotPay can help. We will help you identify who you need to contact for your lingering Post Office Broadband account issue and how to get the result you need. If you do not get a satisfying response, we can help you cut through red tape by sending a demand letter or interacting with Post Office or Shell customer service on your behalf.

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