The Best Way to Contact Paddy Power Customer Service

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How to Contact Paddy Power Customer Service the Easy Way

Paddy Power is a global sports betting and entertainment platform, serving over 18 million participants around the world. Customers get multiple offers when they bet on the platform as per the laid out terms and conditions.

Customer service is easily accessible, and you can get help on any issue within the platform. Paddy Power has an interactive help centre with multiple ways to contact customer service for different issues. While the easiest way to reach Paddy Power's customer support is through message, you can call in and speak to a representative right away. DoNotPay has a Customer Service UK product that can help you contactand wait in line on your behalf. Once you are connected to a representative, DoNotPay will alert you right away so that you can talk to them.

Paddy Power Support Contact Number and Email

You have several options to contact Paddy Power to renew your password or deposits and withdrawals.

You can contact Paddy Power through the following methods:

  • WebChat – It's easier to send a message on the webchat when you are logged in to your account. Send your message, including your email address, name, phone number, and details of your query. Paddy Power support will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible.
  • Twitter – Paddy Power has an "AskPaddyPower" Twitter page where you can send a direct message and get help right away. This is the quickest and most effective way to get help on Paddy Power.
  • On the Phone – Call Paddy Power customer service on 0800-056-5265. You may need to wait on the call for some time because of the many customers calling in for help.

Paddy Power is keen on helping its customers right away. Therefore, the FAQ section is detailed enough to help customers search for different queries and get help from there. Before contacting customer support, you can try to find answers in the FAQ section so that you can save time and get help faster.

This table shows a summary of the different methods you can use to contact .

Paddy Power Support/FAQ SitePaddy Power's
Paddy Power Phone Number 10800-056-5265
Paddy Power Phone Number 2+44 800 056 5275
Paddy Power FaxNot Available
Paddy Power Support EmailNot Available

For faster response, try contacting the company through the Live Chat messenger on the web or send the message through the page on Twitter. Ensure that you have first checked the FAQ section for answers.

Paddy Power Corporate Address

If you would like to visit Paddy Power at the corporate office, you'll find it at the following address.

544 Commercial Road

London E1 0HY

United Kingdom

You may also require the address in case you need to send demand letters to the company for any irregularities in the betting or other issues that cannot be solved outside the court.

Common Reasons People Contact Paddy Power Customer Service

Since Paddy Power is a betting platform, most questions are usually related to betting and how to get more offers on the site.

Some of these questions include

  1. How to place a Bet Builder bet – Paddy Power has a Bet Builder tool that can help you earn more from a single bet. A quick search of the FAQ section will lead you to a detailed article on how to place a Bet Builder bet.
  2. How to qualify for Best Odds Guaranteed – Whether you are betting on the singles or the multiples market of the horse racing games, you can make the most out of it with the Best Odds Guaranteed offer. You'll see a 'Best Odds' yellow tab at the top of any bet you place on the race if you qualify.
  3. Available promotions – Paddy Power often offers promotions to its customers to help them earn more. Customers often call customer support to know what's new and how they can participate.

How to Contact Paddy Power Customer Service With the Help of DoNotPay

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