How to Reach Customer Service Agents at Nisbets Without the Wait

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How to Reach Customer Service Agents at Nisbets Without the Wait

Nisbets is a multi-channel retailer of catering supplies and equipment based in the United Kingdom. Nisbets develops, retails, and distributes commercial kitchen technology, catering supplies, and other hospitality products to hotels, restaurants, schools, and colleges. When you have an issue with a Nisbets product, contacting is the best recourse to handle the problem. However, it may be hard to reach Nisbets customer service at times. Due to a high volume of callers, you may be made to wait on hold. We understand your frustration. That's why we developed a more manageable and stress-free approach to contacting customer service. Read on to find out more.

Nisbets Customer Care Contact Details

You can reach through:

Nisbets Contact Form
Nisbets phone number0117 316 5000

Customer service lines are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. With the phone call option, you can either select option 1 to place an order or option 4 for customer service. Nisbets call centre can get overloaded sometimes, and you may have to wait on hold. Email inquiries also take longer to get a response.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Nisbets Customer Service Complaints

If you fail to get a satisfactory response from Nisbets customer service, you can opt for alternative dispute resolutions such as:

1. ADR Schemes

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes are procedures that allow you to settle a dispute with an organisation without going to court.

Some of the most common forms of ADR are:

  • Mediation: in this process, an impartial third party guides you and the firm you have a disagreement with to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator will provide a formal structure to the dialogue to help you reach a voluntary agreement. The mediator can't impose a solution.
  • Arbitration: In this case, an impartial third party examines the evidence and renders a legally binding judgement for you, the firm, or both. You can seek out an ADR scheme only after you've tried to settle matters amicably with the firm you disagree with. This means that even after going through the corporation's customer service and internal complaints procedures, you have come to a stalemate with them.

While firms are not obligated to participate in ADR schemes, practically all businesses that sell directly to consumers are obligated to refer you to a certified ADR scheme if they are unable to resolve a disagreement in-house.

2. Ombudsman

An ombudsman is a party designated to investigate company and organisation complaints. Ombudsmen are independent, free, and impartial. You can file a complaint with an ombudsman if you've already complained to the organisation and haven't been able to resolve your issue through their complaint resolution system.

An ombudsman will also take up your case if the organisation takes too long to handle your complaint - typically eight weeks. If you have filed a lawsuit, an ombudsman will not investigate your matter. Nisbets complaints can be handled by the Furniture Ombudsman, who deals with retail purchases.

3. Small Claims Court

When you've exhausted all other dispute resolution alternatives without satisfaction, you can resort to suing the organisation in small claims court. In England, you can send demand letters to for a maximum of £10,000.

Nisbets Corporate Address

You can reach Nisbets at:

Fourth Way BRISTOL,

BS11 8TB

United Kingdom

Common Reasons People Contact Nisbets Support

Some of the most common reasons people contact Nisbets support include:

  • Faulty catering equipment
  • Order placement and tracking
  • Catering equipment replacement and repair

Get in Touch With Nisbets Customer Service Using DoNotPay

When you have a problem with Nisbets products, you want a quick customer service resolution. It's irritating to have to call customer service multiple times and wait hours on hold before finding help.

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Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Nisbets's phone queue:

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DoNotPay is not only limited to customer services.

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