Get Nike Contacts Free Trial Without Giving Your Banking Info

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Get Nike Contacts Free Trial Without Giving Your Banking Info

Anyone who wears contacts knows it's best to sample free trials before buying. But what about Nike Contacts free trials? For a brand that dominates the athletic apparel industry, surely they could dominate the contact lens space, right?

So, how can you go about exploring a ? Like so many other free trials for contact lenses, you have to find the offers first. Then you have to typically complete a form, providing your lens prescription information and contact information. If you're not careful, though, you'll also have to put in a credit card.

Before you go about finding a Nike contact lens free trial, you should know there could be fine print. With so many of these free trials for contacts, if you forget to cancel after that free sample arrives, you could be automatically charged for recurring shipments. Luckily, DoNotPay has a hassle-free answer to this problem and offers a convenient method for taking advantage of free trials without the risks.

Does Nike Offer Free Trials For Contact Lenses?

Nike launched its MaxSight contact lenses, backed by Bausch & Lomb, featuring unique colours and the ability to enhance vision for athletes during athletic events.Have you thought of getting ? Unfortunately, these lenses have been discontinued, and retailers are only selling what is remaining while supplies last.

While Nike contact lenses' free trials are no longer available, does provide offers while supplies last.

  • $44.99 Lowest Price (When you purchase 3+ boxes per eye)
  • Hassle-Free Returns: 1-800 LENS.COM (536-7266)
  • Money-Back Guarantee (With a 25% restocking fee and $14.99 return ship cost)

What Companies Do Offer Free Trials for Contact Lenses?

Since Nike contact lenses free trials are no longer available, where can you go to find free trials for other brands and lenses? Fortunately, there are a host of contact brands that do offer free trials. And to save money and explore which lenses are the best fit, free trials are the savviest way to try new lenses. Just beware of fine print and providing credit card information in case there are auto-shipping terms and conditions.

  1. Acuvue Free Trials

Acuvue is one of the largest contact lens brands on the market. And they do offer more than a dozen variations of lenses from which to choose. To secure your free trial lenses, you'll need to complete a form that will result in a certificate you can take to your eye doctor to redeem your lens samples.

  1. CooperVision Free Trials

Another popular contact lens brand is CooperVision. You might recognize their Clariti 1-Day lenses. Complete the CooperVision form requesting a free trial, and you'll be provided with a certificate you can take to your local eye doctor for the redemption of your free sample lenses.

  1. Alcon Free Trials

If you're into coloured contact lenses, you can explore free trials with Alcon. There are various free trial programs for each of Alcon's lens products.

Bausch & Lomb Free Trials

Bausch & Lomb may have discontinued the Nike contacts free trial, but the company does offer free trial samples of some of its other popular lenses. Here are the free trial instructions for three of their most popular lenses.

Do Nike Contacts Free Trials and Others Automatically Renew?

Nothing is free, right? And in the case of free trials for contact lenses, as well as other products and services, you have to be mindful of automatic renewal policies. Anytime these forms ask for your credit card information, they might also have terms about automatic ordering if you're not diligent about cancelling after the free trial period ends.

Cancelling a contact lens free trial or others could come with additional restrictions, requirements, and fees, too. Some say you're on the hook if you don't cancel within 24 hours of the renewal date. Others require you to wait until your first shipment arrives before cancelling; otherwise, you'll be charged a fee associated with any discounts you received previously, like with OptiContacts.

Avoiding Automatic Renewals With the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

It's so easy to forget about cancelling free trial offers, making it a hassle to unsubscribe. Oftentimes, only after you've incurred the subscription charge on your previously provided credit card account do you realise it's even happened. Instead of taking the risk, you should use DoNotPay's virtual credit card.

It's so easy to do, and you'll never be blindsided by contact lens subscription charges again. Here's how it works:

  1. Visit the DoNotPay virtual credit card service and input the free trial you want to avail.
  2. DoNotPay will complete the free trial forms on your behalf and will generate a random number and credit card information to include in the form.
  3. Once the free trial ends, the contact lens provider can't recoup a charge from the randomly provided credit card.
  4. The free trial will automatically expire, so you'll never worry about auto payment or subscribing to recurring orders.

DoNotPay can also help you with the following:

How Much Do Contact Lens Subscriptions Typically Cost After the Free Trial?

Every contact lens brand will have a unique platform for ongoing shipments and orders.

Acuvue$140 to $600 AnnuallyRewards Programs & Reminders
CooperVisionAverage $320 AnnuallyDiscounts with Subscription
AlconStarts at $65-$75 for a 6-packFree Shipping
Bausch & LombAverage $300 AnnuallyDiscounts Available

What Are Some Benefits to Look For When Choosing a Free Trial?

Because contact lens prescriptions will vary, it's best to get a fresh diagnosis of your current vision. If it's been quite a while since you last ordered Nike contacts with a free trial, make an optometry appointment. With your new prescription in hand, you can explore free trials that offer the following benefits.

  • Discounted pricing on trial sample lenses
  • Allows users to explore which lenses are right for them
  • Some provide additional assistance in finding an eye care professional
  • Convenient doorstep shipping for ongoing orders

Check Out All the Other Incredible Options Available With DoNotPay

Now that you have a solution to getting free trials, check out all the other problems DoNotPay can help you solve.

You might no longer be able to get a due to the brand discontinuing its lenses. But there are plenty of benefits to explore with other free trials. And now that you know about DoNotPay's virtual credit card solution, you don't ever have to worry about surprise enrollment and charges ever again.

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