How to Delete Your Nexus Mods Account Easily

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How to Delete Your Nexus Mods Account Easily

If you are an avid PC gamer, you may be familiar with the practice of "modding" games. Modding games is the act of creating modifications, or "mods" that can either minutely or drastically change the original base game you are playing. The modding community is vast and there are many websites that legally distribute and support all kinds of game mods.

Nexus Mods is one such website. Its millions of members belong to a large group of PC gamers and it is one of the biggest modification websites on the web. However, many games have begun to offer modding directly through their main menus. Additionally, while the act of using websites like Nexus Mods is , some of the mods available to be downloaded may be unsafe and can hurt your computer.

For these reasons or any others, you may wish to . This guide will walk you through the steps to take to delete your account.

Reasons You May Want To Delete Your Nexus Mods Account

There are a number of reasons why you may want to delete your account.

  • You have found a different website to create and download PC game mods
  • You have had an unsafe experience with a compromised download
  • The games you play with mods now offer safer, vetted modifications through their main menu

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to delete your account, the Nexus Mods website walks you step by step through the process of deleting your account.

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How to Delete Your Nexus Mods Account On Your Own

If you no longer wish to use your Nexus Mods accounts and are ready to delete your account and all your personal information from their system, you can follow these steps to do so on your own:

  1. Go to the Nexus website to learn more about the process of deleting your account on your own
  2. Log in to your Nexus Mods account
  3. Navigate to the Settings page
  4. From Settings, find the Security tab
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Delete Account button
  6. When you select Delete Account, you will be prompted to enter your password or complete Two-Factor Authentication
  7. After completing this step, your account will be deleted and you will be signed out

When going through the process of deleting your account, you will receive a few prompts. These prompts will warn you that you will not get a refund if you were paying for a Premium membership. They remind you that your status as a mod author will be removed and your username deleted. Additionally, you're warned many times that you cannot recover your content once you delete your account.

If you have resolved to delete your account, these prompts can be frustrating and you may feel like the company is trying to convince you to keep your account. If you would rather avoid clicking through these many prompts, enlist DoNotPay to do the work of deleting your account on your behalf. We will ensure that your information is safely removed from the website without the stress of being made to feel unsure about your decision.

Is There an Easier Way to Delete Old Accounts?

If you no longer wish to access your Nexus Mods account and you are ready to delete it along with any other private information this company has stored, you can do so easily with DoNotPay.

If you want to delete old accounts but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 7 easy steps:

  1. Go to Delete Old Accounts product on DoNotPay.
  2. Select the type of account you are trying to delete, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and more.
  3. Tell us more about your account, including usernames and associated emails / phone numbers.
  4. Help us verify your account ownership by entering the date you first created the account, when you last logged in, any payment methods saved under the account, etc.
  5. Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.
  6. Enter any last known or previously used passwords.
  7. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

And that's it! There are no extra steps for you to take and no annoying pop-ups for you to click through.

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