I Want to Delete My Old BlogSpot Account—Here's What to Do

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Help! I Want to Delete My Old Blogspot Account

Blogspot was a popular choice for penning posts in the early 2000s. It is no longer called that, though, and instead goes by Blogger. When you've been thinking, "," it's time to get the situation handled so you can join a more enticing site for your posts, or stop the blogging life altogether.

DoNotPay is here to assist you with your account dilemma. Additional accounts can also be deleted through us, whether they're email-related like Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL, or store-related, such as Amazon.

Deleting Your Blogspot/Blogger Account on Your Own

You will need to . Navigate to the settings area and find the 'manage blog' section to remove it. Before you click delete, the site will notify you that blogs can be restored up to 90 days after you make this selection. After that, it will be gone for good. You can also choose to permanently delete it right there.

You will need to repeat this process for each blog you have listed.

Can I Delete ViaYes/No
Live ChatNo

Blogger/Blogspot is linked to a Google account. This means you will need to delete your full Google account in order for your Blogger account to also be eliminated entirely. However, with your blogs permanently deleted off the site, it is not something you need to worry about following through with. Erasing the blogs is enough to keep your data secure from this site.

What if I No Longer Recall My Blogspot Password?

Failing to remember your Blogspot password does not automatically disqualify you from getting your account deleted. You can start by attempting to recover the password, although you'll at least need access to the email address that was on file with Blogspot when you last used the account. It is linked to a Google account, so you may need to start there.

Use DoNotPay to Recover Your Blogspot Password

If you can't seem to recover your password on your own, or need further assistance, try DoNotPay's 'Recover Passwords' product. We can accomplish the task for you with a few key details:

  1. Your associated email to the account.
  2. Your last known log-in attempt.
  3. Your last known password.
  4. Your full, registered name with the account.
  5. Photo evidence that verifies the account belongs to you.

What Happens if I Keep My Blogspot Account Open?

Generally speaking, nothing should happen should you choose to keep your Blogspot account open. Your public blogs will simply still be searchable on the web. However, having your personal information on websites and apps you no longer use is never ideal.

Whether it's Blogspot/Blogger or any site new or old, you're giving people easy access to your identifying details. If anyone should ever be able to get into your account, they could have your full name, email, password, and other important information that you would prefer to be concealed. Deleting the data and closing the account is the wisest solution for online safety going forward.

Blogspot Account Deletion Through DoNotPay

Once you've had the thought, "," it's best to carry through as soon as possible. You don't want to forget about it and continue to allow your information to be out there forever. Instead, rely on DoNotPay to get the account deleted:

  1. Navigate to DoNotPay's 'Delete Old Accounts' product.

  2. Indicate the account type, such as social media site, email, streaming service, eCommerce, gaming, or otherwise.

  3. Provide further details regarding your account, including associated emails or usernames and any phone numbers.

  4. Enter the date of the initial account creation, your last log-in attempt, and any payment methods saved to help us verify account ownership.

  5. Upload any photographic evidence you may have to verify account ownership.

  6. Provide any last known passwords

  7. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

Additional Accounts DoNotPay Helps Delete

DoNotPay can delete any account for you. We'll help you get rid of:

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