How to Get Your NatWest Account Fees Refunded

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How to Get Your NatWest Account Fees Refunded

NatWest or National Westminster Bank is one of the largest commercial and retail banks in the UK. NatWest offers a diverse range of financial accounts and financial products including packaged bank accounts or PBAs. PBAs are bank accounts with monthly service charges that are marketed as being higher in quality than free banking accounts.

Unfortunately, many consumers who bank with NatWest were incorrectly sold PBAs or incorrectly assigned to them. For these individuals, this has to lead to multiple monthly charges that account holders aren't required to pay. If you believe that your NatWest PBA was mis-sold or misassigned, you have the right to request a .

You can also request a refund if you believe you've been subjected to excessive overdraft fees, or if any of your fee-based NatWest banking accounts isn't providing an acceptable amount of value based on its terms.

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How to Get a NatWest Account Fees Refund on Your Own

Requesting a or any other banking institution like it isn't always easy. In fact, most UK consumers would assert that it rarely is.

  • You can start your refund request using the company's online chat platform by visiting its Online Support Centre.
  • You can also call Customer Support at 03457 888 444 from within the UK or at 0345 030 3605 if calling from overseas.
  • Written complaints concerning extra or unnecessary NatWest account fees can be sent by post to 250 Bishopsgate, Spitalfields, London EC2M 4AA.
  • There is additionally an online complaint form that you can access and complete at their website.

In summary:

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes/No

Common Reasons for Requesting a NatWest Account Fees Refund

Even if you believe that your assigned NatWest PBA is the right account type for you, you may discover that:

  • Your monthly account fees are higher than advertised
  • You aren't receiving any discounts or sign-up bonuses you were promised
  • You're being charged for account services that you aren't receiving or aren't using
  • You've been charged excessive overdraft fees

PBAs are set up by NatWest using current banking accounts and sometimes without account holders' foreknowledge or approval. If you believe that your account should have remained a free banking account, this is a good reason to have your NatWest account fees refunded.

If you believe that a PBA account was assigned to you correctly but the benefits of your paid banking account were overstated or otherwise represented, this is also just causing for request a . You should note that if you're entitled to an account fees refund for either of these reasons, you may be able to claim both reimbursement of all fees and an eight percent interest payment.

Problems You Might Face When Requesting a NatWest Account Fees Refund

Like many account holders before you, you might have a hard time proving to NatWest that your PBA was mis-sold or misassigned. Moreover, the online Customer Support platform isn't actually designed for supporting this complaint type. The web-based customer service centre and chat platform for this company is a digital chatbot that's been programmed to focus on the establishment of new accounts and services like:

  1. Loans
  2. Mortgages
  3. Credit cards

Calling in to speak with a live representative could leave you waiting in the customer service queue for a considerable amount of time. When you do reach a representative, you may have a hard time stating and proving your case.

The Timeline for a NatWest Account Fees Refund

If you request a NatWest account fees refund for overdraft charges that you believe are excessive, the related refund can be applied to your account as soon as they are approved by a member of the NatWest Customer Care Team. However, refunds for misassigned or mis-sold PBA accounts can take significantly longer to calculate and process. This is all the more true if your refund qualifies you for eight percent interest on all funds charged throughout the lifespan of your NatWest PBA account.

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