How to Reach Motorpoint's Customer Service Without the Wait

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How to Reach Motorpoint's Customer Service Without the Wait

Motorpoint is an automobile dealership that also deals with car parts and accessories for new and used vehicles. When you order something and are dissatisfied, you can get in touch with to address your concerns. However, getting in touch with Motorpoint's customer support is not as easy as you would want it to be. You will have to wait in line for a long while before you can finally talk to a representative. There is also a high chance of giving up after the first try.

We at DoNotPay do not want to see you get frustrated while trying to raise a concern with Motorpoint, and that is why we have a Skip Waiting on Hold robot that will wait in line on your behalf. We will notify you when a customer support representative picks up. Take advantage of this product and never worry about waiting in line.

Motorpoint Customer Care Contact Details

Here are Motorpoint's head office contact information:

Motorpoint Telephone number+44 1332 508453
Motorpoint PostWyvern Business Park, Stephensons Way, Derby DE21 6LY, United Kingdom

You can reach out to at this time of the week:

  • Monday - Friday (9 am - 8 pm)
  • Saturday (9 am - 6 pm)
  • Sunday (10 am-5 pm)

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

For instance, you may have a missing package, and Motorpoint advises you to contact the courier. This is a frequent gimmick used by companies to frustrate their clients. In such a case, you can take other serious steps against Motorpoint to ensure your issue is resolved because your arrangement is always with the dealership. The following are some of the alternative avenues you can use to make sure Motorpoint takes responsibility for its shortcomings.

Send Demand Letters To in a Small Claims Court

You might have to go to a small claims court in the end. Before this, you may successfully threaten action by demonstrating that you are serious about your complaint, which can frequently result in the desired outcome.

To file a claim in a small claims court, go to

  1. Make-money-claim if you are in Wales and England
  2. for Scotland
  3. for Northern Ireland

Fill in all of the information until you reach the submit button. Include any expenses you may have spent or may pay for going to court. Take a screenshot after that. Send the incomplete claim and the screenshot to Motorpoint's CEO, along with the previous communication. In the email, state that you are dissatisfied with their response to your complaint and will pursue the case in small claims court.

Give them a deadline to respond, or you'll press submit, and they'll have no option. This conveys to Motorpoint that you are earnest about bringing them to court and know how to do so. It seldom fails to work.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers

There are several Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers, but the Ombudsman is the largest ADR supplier in the UK. Vehicle dealerships like Motorpoint are members of the Motor Ombudsman, and you can file a complaint with a Motor Ombudsman if you have an unresolved complaint with Motorpoint.

You will have eight weeks from initiating a complaint or receiving a 'deadlock letter' to file a claim to an ADR provider. The supplier will send a stalemate letter claiming this is the last correspondence.

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