Get a Manga Studio Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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Sign Up for Manga Studio Free Trial and Never Get Charged

If you are an aspiring comic book creator or you would like a professional art program that allows you to take your art to the next level, Manga Studio may just be the perfect choice for you. While this program does offer a wide range of artistic tools, it can be expensive to use it regularly. If you would like to without worrying about being charged after the free trial is over, DoNotPay has the perfect solution.

What Features Does Manga Studio Offer?

Manga Studio has been around since the early 2000s and is used by professional artists from all over the world. There are several versions of this program. The latest version is EX 5, but it is also known as Clip Studios Paint. Some of the features that this program offers include:

  • Image layering
  • Perspective ruler
  • Speech bubbles
  • Image timelines
  • Import 3D files
  • Create storyboards
  • Library of tones and textured images

With this program, users can easily create a storyboard and make their creations come to life. It offers everything that you would need to draw and create a comic book strip. A will allow you to test it out before getting a paid subscription.

How to Get Manga Studio

If you would like to use Manga Studio or Clip Studio Paint, you can either download it to your computer or mobile device, or you can purchase the CD to eliminate the monthly fee and still use all of the features that it offers. Manga Studio works with:

  1. macOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows
  4. iPad
  5. iPhone
  6. Chromebook

Does Manga Studios Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, you can use all of the features that Manga Studio has to offer for free for 30 days. The free trial is only available for download versions. To start your free trial, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Clip Studio website
  2. Pick which device you are downloading the program to (windows, macOS, Chromebook, etc.)
  3. Click the "Download" button
  4. After it has downloaded, click on the Clip Studio icon on your screen
  5. Click the "Paint" tab
  6. Click "30-Day Free Trial"

If you choose a monthly plan, you can get up to three months free. After that, you will be required to pay for the monthly plan that you chose.

Are There Other Programs that are Similar to Manga Studio?

Manga Studio offers a wide range of art tools and applications for around $8 a month or you can choose a one-time payment of $49.99 when you purchase the CD. Here is a look at some of the similar programs available:

Name of Art ProgramSubscription Fee
Adobe Fresco$9.99/month
Art RageOne-Time Price of $79
Serif Draw PlusOne-Time Price of $149
Epic PenOne-Time Price of $22.60

How DoNotPay Can Ensure That You are Not Charged After Your Manga Studio Free Trial

When you sign up for the Manga Studio free trial, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. This is so the company can automatically charge you whenever the trial period is over. If you forget to cancel before the trial is over, you may be surprised to see that your credit card was charged almost $9.

To ensure that you are not charged, DoNotPay offers a virtual credit product. With the virtual credit card, you will essentially get a "fake" credit card that has a real number, expiration date, and CVV number. However, it is not connected to your bank account and is unable to directly draw any money from any of your accounts. With this product, you can sign up for free trials and never have to worry about being charged again.

DoNotPay Has Offers Free Trial Assurance for a Wide Range of Companies

DoNotPay's virtual credit card not only works with Manga Studio but can be used with almost any company. Some of the ways that we can help include:

DoNotPay Can Help You in Other Areas

DoNotPay can not only help you not get charged for a free trial, but we also offer a wide range of other services. Some of the other products that we offer include:

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