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How to Get a Lotus Organizer Free Trial the Risk-Free Way

You don't have to give out your credit card details while subscribing to any alternative free trial. Instead, use our DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card.

Lotus Organizer went out of business in 2013, but there are multiple softwares that you can use as alternatives. However, if you don't own a credit card, you can't use free trials of any premium Lotus Organizer alternative. On the other hand, some users are concerned that the company might deduct cash after the free trial period has ended.

Don't worry. We have your back! Using the DoNotPay virtual credit card, you can skip the free trials without using your credit card. How is this possible? Continue reading!

What Is a Lotus Organizer?

The is a discontinued personal information manager (PIM). Threadz, a small British software corporation, created it in 1998 and reached version 3.0. Later, Lotus Development Corporation purchased the company to make a Windows-based alternative to Lotus Agenda. It was the undisputed market leader for several years until Microsoft Outlook eventually overtook it. The most recent version was 6.1, which supported Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.

But on May 14, 2013, the company withdrew and discontinued support for Lotus 123, Lotus Organizer, and Lotus SmartSuite.

Is There a Free Trial for Lotus Organizer?

No. IBM Lotus Organizer was a page-turning computerized day planner software that ended in 2013. But a free trial was definitely worth it at the time! The software was quite convenient as it automated many monotonous tasks that ate up the clock.

You didn't have to seek out missing sticky note reminders or scraps of paper. It was there, right in front of your eyes. If you had errands to run but couldn't squeeze them into a 24-hour period, IBM Lotus Organizer 6.1 was all you needed.

The Lotus Organizer User Experience

The system was straightforward to use and understand because it resembled a manual day planner in design and functionality. But it was capable of performing additional tasks like:

  • Retyping incoming information
  • Scheduling all of your daily, weekly, or monthly appointments efficiently
  • Organizing your business and personal contacts
  • Dialing phone numbers automatically
  • Creating to-do lists
  • Sorting your data
  • Visiting your favorite websites
  • Sharing calendars and scheduling meetings over the Internet

The software basically organized your most essential data so that you could take charge of your life.

What Are the Most Popular Lotus Organizer Alternatives?

After the discontinuation of the Lotus Organizer, many people started looking for better alternatives to organize their personal information digitally. Many Lotus users turned to Intuit Quickbase, currently known as Quickbase. The system is a configurable cloud workspace for business applications that allows teams to work faster by automating workflows and processes and providing real-time information through visual reports.

Thousands of businesses, including three-quarters of the Fortune 100, use Quickbase to manage their data and run their operations in the cloud. You can start your free Quickbase 30-day trial to reap the benefits of this special offer. For more information, contact the company using the following methods.

Website /
Contact PageContact Quickbase

But, if they ask for your credit card to register, use the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card details instead.

Other widely known Lotus Organizer alternatives include:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. MS Office 365
  3. Google Workspace

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

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While these companies state that they won't charge you during the free trial, your card is open to deductions once the period ends. They take advantage of the fact that most individuals forget to cancel their free trials earlier, making them charge your card multiple times until you realize you are a premium member.

We have the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card system that functions as a typical credit card. So, if you notice a Lotus Organizer alternative that you like, sign up for their free trial using the DoNotPay card.

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