How to Contact LNER Customer Service Without the Wait

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Contact LNER Customer Service The Easy Way

Getting in touch with the department can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are trying to reach a real human being. The company's website offers extensive information and FAQs, but their phone line is the only way to contact an actual representative.

Unfortunately, that line is plagued by an impossibly long automated phone tree. Trying to navigate this maze of voice prompts can feel nearly impossible, and it often takes several frustrating tries to speak to someone in customer service.

But there is one new app that has made this process infinitely easier: DoNotPay. This innovative service quickly connects you with real people, navigating annoying phone menus and pestering support agents on your behalf until you finally reach someone who can help you out. So whether you need help with your account or travel plans, DoNotPay can help you get assistance in no time.

LNER Support Contact Number and Email

If you need to contact , there are a few different ways to do so.

Contact LNER by Phone

You can reach LNER customer service via call. Here are the phone numbers you can use for different services:

  • For booking travels, call 03457 225 333 or use the Text Relay Service at 18001 03457 225 333
  • For assisted travel, call 03457 225 225 or Text Relay Service 18001 03457 225 225
  • For tickets, call 03457 225 333, option 1, option 1
  • For group travel, call 03457 225 225

Contact LNER by Email

You can also reach them by email. LNER has different emails for different issues:

Contact LNER via Chat

Live chat LNER between 09:00 to 17:00 for a quick response. This is the fastest way to contact LNER customer support. You can also use their social channels Twitter and Facebook.

LNER is always experiencing high volumes of chats and calls. So the wait time will almost always be much longer.

LNER Support/FAQ Site
LNER Phone03457 225 333 / 03457 225 225

LNER Corporate Address

Use this address to send mail, speak to customer support in person, or serve LNER:

London North Eastern Railway



NE23 1WG

Note that many customers go to the address for the same issues as you. So you're likely to wait for a long time before being served.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Service Complaints

There are several alternative ways to resolve service complaints that LNER does not address.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

You can use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes, which involve the participation of impartial third parties such as mediators or arbitrators. These schemes can effectively facilitate communication and negotiation between you and LNER, helping you find mutually agreeable solutions that address your concerns in a collaborative and non-confrontational manner.

Rail Ombudsman

Another potential avenue for resolving service complaints is the use of the Rail Ombudsman, an independent body that assists with passenger rail travel disputes.

You can appeal to the rail ombudsman if:

  • LNER has not resolved your complaint within 40 days of receiving it.
  • You're not happy with LNER's final response to your complaint that will be contained in an email or letter.
  • No more than 12 months have elapsed since LNER sent you a final response.

You can contact Rail Ombudsman by:

Small Claims Court

Another option is to pursue action through small claims court, allowing individual consumers and businesses to resolve contractual matters without expensive representation or lengthy litigation processes.

But you can only resolve to small claims court if:

  • You've tried solving with LNER and ADR unsuccessfully
  • You're claiming an amount not more than £10,000

Common Reasons People Contact LNER Customer Support

Here are some common reasons people contact LNER customer service:

  1. Concerns or questions about travelling since Covid-19
  2. Cancellations
  3. Refund and ticket charge
  4. Delayed on a train
  5. Billing issues
  6. Technical issues with accounts

Get in Touch With LNER Customer Service With DoNotPay

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