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Reach’s Customer Service Reps Without the Wait

The European travel and leisure retailer Lastminute has been helping people plan and book holiday getaways online since the late 1990s. Today, their free app and website allow customers to lock down fantastic deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and more with the click of a few buttons. The ease and convenience of booking without a travel agent are tempered by the fact that it can be nearly impossible to contact a live customer service representative with the company when things go amiss. does its best to provide you with helpful solutions online via its assistance pages and provides adequate help in the form of virtual chat agents. Knowing how to navigate their many online customer service options may be the key to solving your problems, though the whole ordeal can be frustrating and time-consuming yielding zero results. If you’re having a hard time getting a real live agent to assist you with a booking problem, DoNotPay may be the answer to your problems.

Navigating the Online Help Pages Offered by

The company has a help page with links and recommendations intended to lead you to the answers to a variety of questions including . Knowing where to look for the solutions to your specific problems can be tricky because they offer a large range of booking features, from hotels, flights, and car rentals to fine dining, theatre outings and other travel-related experiences.

The first thing the website will recommend is that you log in to your Lastminute user account to access the Manage Booking feature for any issues you may have with a booking that is already in place. With your Booking ID in hand, you can use their online system to initiate a virtual conversation with a customer service agent directly from the Assistance Page.

Here are four links you can follow to a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Lastminute’s most popular booking features.

  1. FAQ for Flight + Hotel
  2. FAQ for Just Flights
  3. FAQ for Just Hotels
  4. FAQ for Car Rentals

Additionally, you can visit their site if you need help with your package holiday refund.

Contacting Lastminute on a Social Media Platform

Many customers find that these website-only solutions for Lastminute customer service inquiries do not provide satisfactory results. Without clear online directions to reach a Lastminute customer service agent by phone, some will turn to voice their complaints via other online platforms.

If the FAQs fail to answer your questions, you might try to initiate a conversation through one of Lastminutes’ Social Media Accounts:

  1. Lastminute on Twitter
  2. Lastminue on Facebook
  3. Lastminute on Instagram
  4. Lastminute on Youtube

Oftentimes, customer service representatives will respond to negative comments on social media to assuage a bad experience and prevent other customers from seeing a less-than-flattering review.

Lastminute Customer Service Number, Email, and Address

If you’ve tried navigating the customer service assistance pages to no avail, chances are you’re well and truly frustrated. One of your last options for reaching a live person from is by calling them directly on the phone or sending an email or letter—the only problem is their website and social media sites do not readily offer this kind of contact information.

Below you’ll find a Lastminute customer service email, phone number, and address for when you’ve exhausted other contact options:

Lastminute Phone+44 871 277 1070
Lastminute AddressThe Johnson Building, 77 Hatton Garden, London, England EC1N 8JS

Get in Touch With Lastminute Customer Service Quickly Using DoNotPay

With over 2.3 million bookings annually, serves a huge customer base in the UK and beyond. Due to the nature of their holiday packages and flash sales, any booking you make may be handled by a third party, leading to additional confusion should a problem arise. To avoid spending long hours in a phone queue, being switched between departments, and generally having to argue your issue, again and again, you can choose an easier way to .

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