The Fastest Way to Reach Jo Malone's Customer Service

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The Fastest Way to Reach Jo Malone's Customer Service

Being one of the most popular cosmetics companies in the UK, chances are you have bought a Jo Malone product, be it cologne, scented candle, or other product that piqued your interest. Jo Malone products undergo testing to ensure quality. Still, sometimes you might not get what you ordered, while the product can become faulty on its way to you. Should this happen, call on DoNotPay to contact on your behalf since you may wind up waiting on hold due to the long phone if you do it yourself.

We can also do the same for companies such as

Jo Malone Support Contact Number and Email

The is available by phone from Monday through Friday from 8 am-8 pm, and 9 am to 6 pm on weekends. But they are not available on bank holidays.

The many ways to contact Jo Malone Customer Support are many but you also run the risk of waiting on hold for long periods or waiting for a reply from your email. You can try their social media but the instant response comes from bots or programmed responses.

Jo Malone Support/FAQ SiteContact Us
Jo Malone Whatsapp+44 20 3936 4869
Jo Malone Phone Number08082810229
Jo Malone Gift Cards/E Inquiries Phone08082810229
Jo Malone Head Office0370 034 6700
FacebookJo Malone London | Facebook

You could also chat live with their team 7 days a week. All you have to do is visit their website and click chat now. Once the chat box pops up, you will see the following categories.

  1. Order status
  2. Place/change order
  3. My delivered order
  4. Products
  5. Returns
  6. Promotions
  7. Website
  8. Other

Choose the category under which your issue lies and type your message. You will likely receive a quick response if you use this channel.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

If you are unhappy with Jo Malone's final position, you could complain to the regulator or an alternative dispute resolution scheme.

Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA)

CTPA is the regulator for cosmetic manufacturers in the UK and represents all types of firms involved in manufacturing, supplying, and selling cosmetic and personal care products. The association ensures members follow best practices and act responsibly to benefit consumers.

You could thus contact them with your issue by sending an email at or writing a letter and sending it to the following address

The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) Limited.

Sackville House

40 Piccadilly

London, W1J 0DR

020 7491 8891

If they are not in a position to resolve the issue, they will likely direct you to an organisation that can help you.

Financial Ombudsman

If your complaint is of a financial kind, then the financial ombudsman will be in a position to help you. Once you submit your case. It will be resolved through the following steps:

  1. A Handler Will Look at It

At the onset, a handler will look at your complaint and ask Jo Malone for their side of the story. If they determine the issue, and you agree with their position, the case will be settled at this stage without proceeding to the ombudsman.

  1. The Ombudsman Takes up the Case

Should you be dissatisfied with the handler's judgment, they can refer the issue to the ombudsman, who will independently look into the case and offer their position.

The decision will be legally binding, and the company will be asked to do right by you if you agree with the ombudsman's decision.

Some actions the ombudsman may ask Jo Malone to take to remedy you include

  1. Indemnifying you by putting you in the same position you would be if things weren't wrong.
  2. Compensating you for the distress or inconvenience caused.

Common Reasons People Contact Jo Malone Support?

You are likely to call customer service at Jo Malone for issues regarding

  1. Their Refund Policy

The Jo Malone return policy stipulates that you must get back to them within 15 days of your order if you discover that the product is faulty or not what you ordered. If you bought the product at a store, it is best to return it to the same store in its original packaging.

You, however, cannot return customized goods or those bound to spoil rapidly when unsealed.

  1. Your Order Status

You could also contact the customer service team to determine if your order has been acted upon. You will be asked to provide the order number when inquiring about the order status.

  1. Product Sample

Customers also get in touch with customer care to ask about the availability of product samples, although these are usually offered when you've placed an order and not by way of making a request.

  1. Product Recommendations

If a product you used has been taken out of the market due to low demand, you could inquire about a viable substitute by visiting a Jo Malone outlet or contacting the company's customer service team.

Get in Touch with Jo Malone Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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