Take the Illinois CDL HazMat Test the Easy Way

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The Breakdown of the Illinois CDL HazMat Test

Adding a HazMat endorsement to your CDL license can make a huge difference in your career. Passing a HazMat test opens doors to new business opportunities and higher earnings but brings a lot of responsibility.

If you want to know how to prepare for your HazMat test adequately and what the process entails, DoNotPay is here to provide answers.

What Is a HazMat Test, and What Does It Cover?

A HazMat endorsement qualifies you for transporting and handling hazardous materials, such as gas, explosives, and flammable and combustible liquids. It might sound dangerous, but truck drivers with a HazMat endorsement are sought after and well paid, with an average salary of $62,807 per year in the U.S.

To obtain a HazMat endorsement in Illinois, you must take a written test consisting of 30 questions and achieve at least an 80% test score. You can find the study material in section 9 of your Illinois CDL Manual. The topics cover:

  1. The intent of the regulations
  2. Transportation of hazardous material
  3. Bulk packaging, loading, and unloading
  4. Driving and parking rules of transporting hazardous materials
  5. Emergencies during the transfer of hazardous materials

Why Should I Study for My Illinois HazMat Test?

You should take preparing for a HazMat test seriously. Besides the obvious safety reasons, numerous practical issues can arise if you fail the test. Here are the most important motives for studying for a HazMat test and passing it the first time:

  • The application processApplying for a HazMat test in Illinois is in itself an arduous process that requires gathering a lot of paperwork, signing up for a Security Threat Assessment, and waiting several weeks for results
  • The costTo apply for a HazMat test, you need to pay a significant application fee that covers the cost of the Security Threat Assessment and the state application fee for taking the written test. Both fees amount to about $100. Failing any portion of the CDL test in Illinois more than three times requires you to wait for 30 days and pay the fee for retaking it
  • The danger of transporting hazardous materialsOperating a truck with hazardous materials requires advanced skills and qualifications. You need to study the facts thoroughly to know how to recognize and react in cases of emergencies. Lack of proper knowledge can lead to life-threatening situations
  • The impressionPassing the test on the first try will leave a positive impression on your potential employers

How To Prepare for the Illinois HazMat Test

There are a few certified ways of preparing for the Illinois HazMat test. You should make the studying process as comprehensive as possible and include more than one learning technique to achieve better results. Check out the possible material sources and their benefits in the table below:

Learning MaterialBenefits

Illinois CDL Manual

  • Illinois CDL Manual is a mandatory resource for the preparation
  • It represents the most complete and reliable source of information

Illinois Study Guide

  • Study Guide is available in a PDF form and easily accessible
  • It provides a summary of CDL Manual info
  • Study Guide offers additional tips about the testing


  • Apps combine test questions and useful information
  • You can download them on your phone and access them at a convenient time

YouTube videos

  • YouTube videos contain practice test questions
  • They offer useful tips from experienced drivers

Practice tests

  • Practice tests put the facts from the Study Guide into context
  • They offer an insight into the structure and form of the real test
  • Practice tests provide various combinations of the same question, which makes you more prepared for the real deal
  • You can follow your progress and become aware of the segments that you need to improve

In most cases, combining the CDL Manual with practice tests brings the best results. An array of practice tests are available on the internet, but there is no way of telling which ones are authentic. Follow our lead to discover the most reliable practice material out there!

DoNotPay Offers the Best Illinois CDL HazMat Practice Test

If you don’t feel like taking your chances with online practice tests, use DoNotPay! We offer preparation material for various government tests, such as the CCAT, Notary, ASVAB, Postal, CompTIA A+, and U.S. citizenship test. Our app allows you to adjust the number of questions according to your preference and knowledge.

You can access our test easily when you:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Enter HazMat Test
  3. Indicate the practice test length
  4. Start the test

DoNotPay allows you to correct a mistake immediately or retake the test after you finish. Either way, you are bound to feel confident enough to take the real exam in no time!

What Does Applying for the Illinois HazMat Test Look Like?

Applying for a HazMat test requires much more than taking the written exam. You have to go through an elaborate Security Threat Assessment process prior to the actual test. Applicants for any type of HazMat endorsement will not be able to obtain it without the security threat assessment clearance.

Here are the steps you are required to take:


Begin the pre-enrollment process

  • Complete the pre-enrollment application available on the UES website or call the UES center at 855-347-8371

Select the location and schedule a fingerprint appointment

  • Use the above method to schedule an in-person fingerprint appointment
  • Check the UES website to find the list of locations and get directions to the nearest enrollment center
  • Pay the appropriate application fee indicated on the UES website

Provide the required items for the fingerprint appointment

  • Provide fingerprints
  • Submit identity documents
  • Offer citizenship/immigration documents
  • Pay the application fee (in person, if you haven’t done it previously)
  • Check the UES website and TSA website for information on documents needed to establish identity, citizenship, and immigration eligibility

Go through the Security Threat Assessment

  • TSA performs the security threat assessment

Check your status

To get information on your security threat assessment status, you may:
  • Visit the UES website and click on the Check Status link
  • Call the UES Center at 855-347-8371

When TSA issues a security threat assessment clearance, the Illinois Secretary of State will notify you of the results and instruct you to visit the nearest Secretary of State CDL Facility for testing. If you pass the written exam, the Illinois Secretary of State will issue you a CDL license with HazMat endorsement.

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