Ikano Bank's Customer Service Tricks You Have to Know

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Ikano Bank's Customer Service Tricks You Have to Know

You may recognizeas the financial services provider of the IKEA stores. The bank also provides savings, checking accounts, and other financial services. If you need to reach customer service at Ikano Bank we have the information to connect you, just keep reading.

After learning how to contact Ikano Bank customer service we will tell you about a way that you can save time when connecting with customer service at any company. That is not all that these products can do, the customer service UK product is just one of many products offered by DoNotPay that were created to save you time and money on nearly everything you do. Here are some of the other articles in the customer service UK product series.

Reasons for Contacting Ikano Bank Customer Service

The customer service department of handles complaints, account inquiries, and dispute resolution for customers of the bank. Anytime you have a complaint or dispute with a bank or any company you are expected to contact the company and give them a chance to resolve the matter before escalating matters further. The customer service department is tasked with handling these matters on the company's behalf.

Ikano Bank Customer Service Contact Information

Ikano Bank customer service can be contacted by phone, by post, or by online contact form. The method you will use depends on the reason you are making contact.

Ikano Bank Loan Payment Assistance0344 856 5753

Monday- Friday 8:30 AM until 6 PM

Ikano Bank Loan or Store Card InquiriesIkano Bank, PO Box 7221, Willenhall, WV1 9DR
Ikano Bank Savings Account Disputes or InquiriesIkano Bank, Savings Department, PO Box 1328, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 5EA

Ikano Bank Head Office

Another option for contacting Ikano Bank is the head office. If you choose to pursue a small claims court action you will need to first send a demand letter to the head office notifying the bank of your intentions.

  • Phone: 0371 781 3080
  • Address: Ikano Bank AB, PO Box 10081, Nottingham, NG2 9LX

Information Needed When Contacting Ikano Bank Customer Service

When contacting Ikano Bank you should always be prepared to provide your name and date of birth as well as any requested contact information. You will need your account number if you have one and a summary of your complaint or dispute.

Other Resolution Options for Disputes With Ikano Bank

You probably know that contacting customer service does not always resolve your issues with a company. If you are unable to resolve your issues with Ikano Bank after contacting customer service or if they fail to respond there are a few other options that you may be able to pursue.

Financial Ombudsman

A financial ombudsman offers an independent review of your dispute or complaint and is able to make decisions about compensation that are legally binding. A review of your claim is free but can take up to eight weeks. The Ombudsman cannot consider your claim if you have already begun a court action.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Other forms of dispute resolution available include arbitration and mediation. Similar to the ombudsman, arbitration offers an impartial third-party decision. Mediation allows you to negotiate with the company with the assistance of a third-party mediator in an effort to reach a compromise.

Small Claims Court

In the UK, disputes valued under £10,000 can be decided in small claims court. This is considered a last resort option because of the additional cost and burden of attending court and possible fees.

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