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How to Contact Hyperoptic Customer Service Without Waiting on Hold

Speaking to a live agent is difficult. You may have to wait on hold listening to depressing hold music. In fact, a Talk and ResearchNow study reveals that an average person wastes 43 days of their life on hold. Who wants to stay glued to an unresponsive phone in today's fast-paced world?

Usher in DoNotPay's Skip Waiting on Hold robot for fast and automatic service. It can dial the number and do the waiting for you. Once the call reaches a real human being, we will connect you.

Hyperoptic Support Contact Number and Email

You may get in touch with the team via the following contacts:

Hyperoptic FAQ and Support siteHelp & Support
Hyperoptic Support Phone Number 1 (Home)0333 332 1111
Hyperoptic Support Phone Number 2 (Business)0203 318 8216
Hyperoptic Support
Corporate Phone number44-333-332-1111

Be sure to provide as many details as possible for a quick solution:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The department
  • Your message etc

Hyperoptic customer service hours: They claim to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But complaints posted online tell a different story.

Where to Get Faster Help for Your Hyperoptic Issues

Their live chat is an excellent place to start, especially if your message is urgent. Provide your name, and email address, and select the appropriate department where your issue falls.

But we highly recommend that you go social with this behemoth. In fact, companies respond faster to comments and posts on social media than to private messages. Their social media platforms' links are

The contact form on Hyperoptic's Contact Us page is another excellent option. Fill in your full name and email, indicate whether you're an existing customer or not yet, and type in your message. Then hit that submit button!

Hyperoptic Corporate Address

This telecommunication behemoth's corporate address is:

Hythe House 200 Shepherds

Bush Road London, W6 7NL

United Kingdom

The address is useful, especially if you intend to send demand letters to Hyperoptic in small claims courts for not owning their mistake.

If Hyperoptic Refuses to Own Their Mistake, Can You Send demand letters to It in Small Courts

Yes. If you believe this giant has wronged you and doesn't want to work out an amicable solution, seek justice in a small claims court.

But you don't have to fight against it alone. DoNotPay will help you through a few easy steps:

  1. Try to solve the matter outside the court. Use DoNotPay to create a demand letter you can send to Hyperoptic.
  2. If the company doesn't reply, complete the court forms with the help of DoNotPay
  3. Then file an official complaint with the court
  4. After that, serve Hyperoptic, letting them know they're being sued. Be sure to state a reason for the lawsuit
  5. Finally, show up in court. We will provide you with a script that will boost your winning chances tremendously

Hyperoptic Executive Team

You may have to approach the honchos to speed up things. Here are some helpful contacts:

Be sure to work out a highly customised message for the recipient. That way, you boost your chances of being listened to.

Why Do People Contact Hyperoptic Support

You may want to reach out to the Hyperoptic customer service team for various reasons or complaints. Here are some of them:

1. Unreliable Network Speeds

Every day may see speeds tanking. For example, a certain customer pays for 1 GBs but regularly gets less than 10 MBS.

2. Poor Customer Experience

The support can fail you when you need them the most. The customer service agents may not have in-depth knowledge about your specific issue. The result? Extended waiting periods until the right guy with the right solution is found.

3. Delayed Installation

After entering a contract with them, installation engineers sometimes take ages before doing what they're supposed to do. Shortage of workforce and tools of work usually haunts this company.

4. High Exit Fees

Planning to move to an area they don't serve? You'll have to cancel the contract. The issue is that this giant will slap you with high cancellation fees.

Reach Out to Hyperoptic Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Quick communication and feedback are crucial nowadays. A communication company like Hyperoptic should know better instead of keeping you waiting too long for their reply and services.

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