How to Delete Starbucks Account

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How to Delete Your Starbucks Account Completely

Old online accounts containing personal information are continually vulnerable to hackers seeking your financial details and private identity information. You can find many examples of Starbucks accounts being targeted by thieves online, leading to requests for cancellations by concerned account holders.

Unfortunately, there is no way to . There are, however, a few ways to ensure your old Starbucks account no longer presents an online security risk. This article will show you what to do if you want to delete your Starbucks account but cannot.

How to Delete Your Starbucks Account By Yourself

You may have noticed that your Starbucks account has your account. Here are a few steps you can take instead to minimize the risk of leaving your old Starbucks account information online.

  1. Go to the Starbucks website
  2. Log in to your Starbucks account
  3. Change all of your personal information

While this does not completely delete your Starbucks account, you will be able to eliminate the possibility of your personal information being exposed online. Be sure to change all of your most important private account information, including:

  • Contact Info
  • Payment Methods - Remove all card information such as your card number and expiration date
  • Address Book - Remove billing address

You may continue to remove any other less critical information from your Starbucks account, including existing Starbucks cards or your birth date. Doing this will effectively delete your personal connection to that account.

Send Account Delete Request to Starbucks Customer Support

You can also make a formal request to the Starbucks customer services support team to delete your Starbucks account. They will inform you that there is no official method for though they may be able to alter your account in a way that disrupts access to your account. This process may help eliminate promotional emails from being sent to you. To make this request, you can:

  • Call the customer support number listed in the Starbucks account terms and conditions
  • Send a message to the webmaster email address listed in the FAQ section of the Starbucks App

Challenges of Deleting Starbucks Account

Can I Delete WithYes / No
Live ChatNo

The challenges of deleting your Starbucks account will increase when you have lost your old password. If you want to delete your Starbucks account but are locked out, DoNotPay can help with our Recover Passwords product.

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Reasons to Delete Your Starbucks Account

All Starbucks accounts contain vulnerable personal information that can expose you to online data leaks resulting in illegal purchases and even identity theft. Information contained within your Starbucks account may also be used for marketing purposes, to target you online, and for sending unwanted emails.

Issues You Might Run Into When Deleting Your Starbucks Account

Starbucks will inform you that you cannot delete your account. This should not stop you from doing everything possible to disable your Starbucks account, making it useless to online hackers and unwanted marketers.

Delete Your Starbucks Account with the Help of DoNotPay

If the idea of trying to convince a Starbucks customer service representative or webmaster to assist you in disabling your account sounds overwhelming, let DoNotPay take care of it for you.

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How to Delete Old Accounts Using DoNotPay

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  5. Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.

  6. Enter any last known or previously used passwords.

  7. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

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