How Much Does It Cost To Send a Fax—The Answers You Need

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How Much Does It Cost To Send a Fax? Get Your Answer Fast

When you have to send documents safely and quickly, your first choice might be a fax service. As there are many fax apps you can use to exchange sensitive documents, the question is—how much does it cost to send a fax?

The price and quality of service are the most important factors when choosing the right faxing option. DoNotPay can help you fax files from your laptop, desktop, or phone in a few clicks and just a few bucks.

How Much Does It Cost To Send a Fax?

Some fax providers offer online services, while others use fax machines at their stores or offices.

If you need to visit a post office, you can take a file with you and fax it from there. The price of faxing can vary from location to location, so you should inquire first.

Visiting a post office or store to send a fax is not always convenient. You can opt for an online fax service instead.

To get a better understanding of fax services, take a look at some fax providers in the following table:

Fax Service ProviderDoNotPaymyFaxeFaxUPS
Number of Sent Pages10010015050
Fax From a Cell PhoneYesYesYes No
Fax From a ComputerYesYesYesNo

For most fax providers, the prices can go higher if you need to fax internationally. Make sure you review all the features and terms of fax services, so there would be no surprises later.

Is Online Faxing the Right Choice for You?

Online or paperless fax has reduced the costs, effort, and time required to send documentation. Depending on the fax provider, you can choose to pay for:

  • Each file—You have to pay per page, e.g., UPS
  • A subscription plan—You pick a package with a certain number of pages you can send for a fixed price, e.g.,

Page Limit and Overage Charges

You must first evaluate your needs to decide what works best and know how much you will be charged.

Should you opt for a subscription package, be careful not to go over the predetermined page limit. If you do, there is a significant chance you will have to settle overage fees. To avoid this, make sure to purchase an additional package before you spend the previous one.

Fax Machine vs. Online Fax

Fax machines are more expensive than online fax services because you need to invest in:

  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Repairs
  • Electricity
  • Spare parts
  • Fax number
  • Maintenance
  • Ink cartridges

A fax machine takes up a considerable amount of space in your office or home. Another point to consider is that you can only send files when you are physically in front of your computer and the fax machine.

With online faxing, you will not have any of the above-mentioned expenses. You can use fax apps:

  • In your car
  • On vacation
  • At home
  • In a meeting
  • At a cafe
  • Anywhere else

Internet fax services do not require you to:

  1. Print out a document
  2. Upload the file to a fax machine
  3. Dial a fax number
  4. Wait on hold if the phone number is busy

As Easy as Emailing

Online faxing can easily integrate with your email address, making it easy to keep track of all your faxes in an organized and easily accessible way. You can keep your files private, far from the eyes of nosy colleagues or family members.

There is no need to search through all those folders and binders in your office to find the fax you received a while back. You can quickly find it in your email or computer. Not only does online faxing save time and money, but it also contributes to protecting the environment with its paperless service.

If you believe that emailing documents also seems convenient, you should think about security issues connected with sending attached files via email.

Is International Faxing More Expensive?

Sending files long-distance can be quite expensive when using a fax machine. In this case, you need to dial an international fax number. If you need to hold the line for some time or you do it often, your phone bill can be substantial at the end of each month.

Online international fax services are more convenient and less expensive than traditional fax machines. Some providers will charge you more for faxing documents abroad, but it is still a more economical solution than long-distance calls.

Choose DoNotPay as Your Reliable Online Fax Service

DoNotPay provides an efficient, affordable, and safe fax service. Our platform is perfect for protecting sensitive data in your legal, medical, or business documents by sending them via fax.

Here is how you can send your files safely:

  1. Access DoNotPay from your
  2. Upload a document or snap a photo
  3. Enter the receiving fax number

You can upload a file from a computer or phone.

Once you go through these simple steps, DoNotPay will fax your legal, medical, business, or personal documentation to any fax number you provide. In a few clicks, you will be able to send a confidential file securely and seamlessly.

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