Learn the Benefits of Fax vs. Email?

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What Are the Advantages of Fax vs. Email?

Living in the digital era has lots of benefits, especially when it comes to speed. We can send documents to far destinations without a hitch.

The “fax vs. email” question is one people have been mulling over. Which one is faster, more secure, and reliable?

DoNotPay will present you with the benefits of each option. Our app can also show you how to fax your sensitive documents from a cell phone or computer.

Sending Faxes vs. Sending Emails

Sending emails is fast and convenient. It is what we are used to nowadays. You:

  1. Type in a short message
  2. Attach a file
  3. Hit send

Sometimes your attached document does not reach the intended destination for different reasons. Your email can end up in:

  • Spam or junk, so the recipient might not see it
  • The wrong hands if:
    • You have entered the incorrect email address by accident
    • Your email has been hacked

How many times has something like this happened to you? It might not be a big deal in some cases. If you’re emailing a friend or family member, they will let you know they have not received a file they were expecting, and that will be it.

What about in business situations? Failing to send files to your boss or a colleague is quite unprofessional. Emailing potentially sensitive data to the wrong colleague, a client, or even a competitor—could probably jeopardize your job. We may take email as a standard communication form, but It could do lots of harm to you and your company.

Traditional or internet fax machines and various fax services offer more reliability in business environments. A fax machine was used long before email to send documents to further destinations. They have not vanished with the appearance of email—they have adapted. Faxing is still considered a more secure way to send documents, especially the official ones containing sensitive data.

Why Fax Instead of Email?

Most businesses rely on email for fast and efficient communication. We use it for everyday business and personal activities.

When in doubt about how to send you documents—via fax or email, you can browse through this list:

Fax Characteristics Email IssuesBoth Fax and Email Characteristics
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Delivery receipt
  • Files sent to a fax number
  • Security issues
  • High possibility of undelivered files
  • Fast
  • Documents sent to an email (online fax and email)
  • Convenient—files sent from your phone or computer (online fax and email)

Fax services are suitable for individuals and companies that:

  • Value productivity
  • Require a high level of data security
  • Need a fast exchange of documents

If you are not sure how long it takes to send a fax or how faxing works, DoNotPay can provide explanations.

(Un)delivered Documents—Fax vs. Email

Emails can get blocked, especially if a business has implemented security filters scanning and rerouting emails to spam or junk folders. Some companies have such powerful filters that an incoming email does not even end up in their spam or junk folder but is automatically identified as harmful and deleted.

Should you decide to attach a file to your email and send it to such a company, the chances of it ending up in junk, spam, or being deleted increase. If your email is identified as junk, your business partner might miss out on an important document, and your project will run late.

You will avoid this problem by using a fax app. Files you send via an online fax service to a fax machine will not be scanned and identified as spam. Your files will reach the recipient smoothly.

The above-mentioned email problems do not apply when you exchange files within your company. People mostly use emails to send documents to their colleagues as the system will not deem internal email addresses suspicious.

Online Fax vs. Email

Emailing comes with lots of security issues because it is used by plenty of people and organizations. An email can be easily hacked or forged. Somebody can access your confidential information.

Everything can get more complicated and threatening with attached files. When you send or receive contracts, medical documentation, or other official material, you can easily catch spyware or some other malicious software and risk infecting your computer or even the whole business network.

That is why a lot of , economic, and medical sectors opt for online fax instead of email. SSL encryption is what safeguards the files you send via online fax services. This encryption keeps your sensitive data and documents safe when using a web browser.

How can you check if there is SSL encryption? Make sure the web address starts with HTTPS and not HTTP.

Fax Feature ensures you get the encryption and safety you need. Our app can provide a reliable, secure, and fast fax service when you need to send your paperwork to any address in the world.

Send Your Files With DoNotPay Without a Headache

You can use DoNotPay to send your documentation safely and smoothly. Are you in a meeting, conference, or on vacation? You can send files from anywhere without having to worry about security issues.

Fax your documentation following these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Upload a file or take a photo
  3. Enter the receiving fax number

Upon these easy steps, DoNotPay sends your documents to the recipient and a delivery receipt to you.

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