Save the Trees, Use Paperless Fax

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Use a Paperless Fax Solution To Send Documents Easily

Do you need to send your documents to a business partner, lawyer, doctor, or family member securely? If you need to protect the information you are sending, you will opt for regular mail or fax.

Another option is to use a paperless fax app. It is a safe, quick, and convenient solution.

DoNotPay will show you how to fax from your phone and provide information on different fax apps and services.

Regular Mail, a Fax Machine, or Paperless Faxes?

Faxing is an integral part of any serious business as important paperwork needs to be delivered to the other party in the safest way possible.

Should You Use Regular Mail?

You can always choose to send your documentation by regular mail, but this can be costly if you are sending it to foreign countries. Apart from the cost, it takes lots of time that you sometimes do not have.

Imagine sending contracts to a business partner who needs to wait for them for several days, sometimes even weeks, only to sign and return them to you. In this case, you are the one who will wait for the return of signed agreements for the same amount of time.

How About a Fax Machine?

Besides regular mail, you can try the good old fax machine. It reduces expenses and time compared to regular postal services. At the same time, fax machines maintain the safety of correspondence, but they are not without problems.

If you are starting a new business, do you need to invest in a fax machine and a printer right away? No, you can use paperless fax options to substitute for these two pieces of equipment.

If you do not own or rent a fax machine and a printer but would like to use a safer method of communication than an email, you can send your files using solution.

Send Faxes With DoNotPay Securely and Easily

DoNotPay provides a paperless faxing solution you can use to send any documents, regardless of whether they contain confidential data or not. Our app is a convenient option for your business and personal needs.

Agree on contract terms and conditions with your business partners, send your doctor your diagnosis, supply sensitive information to your attorney. You can do this without any problem with DoNotPay’s Fax feature.

Here is how:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a
  2. Upload your document or snap a photo of it
  3. Enter the fax number you want to send the file to

DoNotPay will automatically fax the document on your behalf and notify you with a confirmation. You can use our Fax product on your:

  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Desktop computer

Is Paperless Fax the Right Solution for Your Needs?

DoNotPay offers you a paperless fax solution that has turned out to be popular and useful for lots of individuals and entities globally. Here are some advantages of paperless faxing:



You do not need to spend money on:
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Ink
  • Lots of paper


There is no need to wait for a file to be:
  • Printed out
  • Uploaded into a fax machine
  • Sent page by page manually


You will no longer experience annoying paper jams, pulling, pushing, and tearing a sheet of paper when trying to unjam the machine and restart the faxing process

What Is Wrong With a Fax Machine?

There is nothing wrong with using a fax machine if you have a reliable one, but it comes with some regular expenses you need to take into consideration.

If it malfunctions a lot or runs out of ink, you will have to count on significant expenses for the maintenance and repairs.

The costs associated with fax machines usually include:

  1. Ink cartridges—You need to replace these when they run out of ink
  2. Paper—Do not forget to purchase enough paper and keep it in the office or at home if you need to fax your documents
  3. Maintenance and repairs—Fast and reliable repair service will cost you. If you do not want to agree to regular maintenance and repairs, you will need to wait for a couple of days for your machine to get fixed
  4. Rental fee—Should you opt for renting a fax machine instead of buying one, there is a monthly or quarterly fee you need to settle
  5. A landline fax line—To have a fax machine, you need to get and pay for a fax number. Dialing and faxing documents abroad can lead to a substantial amount on your phone bill at the end of each month. DoNotPay can present ways to get a fax number hassle-free

When you choose to lease a fax machine, you will need to enter into an equipment rental agreement. Not only does it introduce the above-mentioned extra costs but also additional paperwork and records you need to keep.

By opting for DoNotPay’s paperless fax solution, you will save money, time, and space in your office or home. Limiting waste and protecting the environment are additional benefits of our method.

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