We Know How Many Questions There Are on the CDL Test!

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DoNotPay Knows How Many Questions There Are on the CDL Test

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can bring you many advantages. Depending on the seniority, experience, qualifications, and type of material you are transporting, you can earn up to $65,000 a year in the U.S.

Before you start contemplating a career as a truck driver, you should learn all about the CDL driving test. DoNotPay is here to explain what the written test entails, how many questions you can expect, and where to find reliable practice material.

How Much Is the CDL Test?

Each state establishes its application fees, so the best way to find the exact information is to visit your state’s DMV website. The prices can depend on the type of endorsement you intend to obtain. Most states charge all tests separately.

Here is the list of average fee prices for every step of the application process:

  • Getting a Commercial Learner’s PermitThe fee for the CLP varies from no cost to $78
  • Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License—Scheduling the driving skills test costs from $25 to $275. CDL license fees range from $15.50 to $133.50

What Does the CDL Knowledge Test Cover?

A CDL test is a two-part exam that contains a written knowledge test and a driving skills assessment. You are required to pass both parts to obtain your CDL license.

The knowledge test consists of seven parts that are scored separately. One is a general knowledge test, five cover special endorsements, and the last one is an Air Brakes test. There may be regulation differences depending on the state you live in, especially regarding the transportation of hazardous materials. All driving rules are available in your state’s Driver’s Manual.

While the general knowledge test is obligatory, most applicants take three or four written knowledge tests out of seven, depending on the type of commercial vehicle they intend to drive.

Topics covered by the general knowledge test include:

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Railroad crossing
  • Accident procedures
  • Dangers of drinking and driving
  • Communication with other drivers
  • The significance of being alert and fit to drive

How Many Questions Can You Expect on the CDL Test?

CDL general knowledge test usually consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and lasts one hour. To obtain a passing grade, you need to achieve an 80% test score. If you fail the test, you must wait for 24h to retake it.

CDL tests are not difficult to pass, as long as you adequately prepare. While you can find all the information in your state’s Manual, there are other learning techniques that you mustn't neglect. Most people fail due to unfamiliarity with the structure and form of the test rather than insufficient knowledge.

Stick with us and discover the most reliable method of preparing for your CDL test. Open our app in your and find information on how to pass any written driving test!

How To Prepare for Your CDL Driver’s Test

There are many useful methods of preparing for your CDL exam. The trick is to recognize which ones are necessary and which provide a welcome addition to your learning routine. Check out the possible practice material sources and their importance below:

Material SourceBenefits

CDL Manual

  • It is the most reliable and complete information source

Driving test apps

  • They are practical and accessible
  • Apps contain examples of test questions
  • Some of them offer additional information

Study guides

  • They contain summarized information from the Manual
  • Study guides often provide useful information regarding the exam procedure

Practice tests

  • They provide context for the information from the Manual
  • Practice tests copy the form of the real exam
  • They help you retain information better
  • You can use them to follow your progress
  • They contain various question combinations

The best preparation method involves combining the CDL Manual and practice tests. DoNotPay will spare you the trouble of deciding on one of the numerous but sketchy online practice tests by offering a reliable solution!

How Can DoNotPay Help You Prepare for Your CDL Driver’s Test?

DoNotPay provides practice material for various government tests, such as DMV, CCAT, Notary, ASVAB, Postal, CompTIA A+, and the U.S. citizenship test. Our app allows you to retake the test as many times as you want and even choose the number of questions.

Another useful perk is that you can retry a question on the spot or retake the test after you see the final score.

If you want to prepare with DoNotPay and nail the CDL test, you should:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in any
  2. Type in CDL Practice Test
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  4. Answer questions one at a time

We guarantee that you will be ready to schedule your DMV driving test appointment in no time. Make sure to consult your driving test checklist before you decide to take the test.

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