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Contact Hastings Direct Customer Service Fast

Hastings Direct is a general insurance provider offering straightforward and competitive coverage for car, bike, van, and home insurance as well as additional products like breakdown assistance. With over 3.1 million live customer policies in place, Hastings Direct, part of the Hastings Group, works hard to provide its users with efficient customer service support.

Knowing that a competent customer service agent is accessible is extremely important to a Hastings Direct customer who needs to make changes to their policy or file a claim following an incident. But what happens when you make a critical call to Hastings Insurance only to wait in endless queues? Luckily, there’s a better way to get ahold of a agent quickly with DoNotPay.

Reasons to Complain to Hastings Direct Customer Support

Hopefully, your issues are small or common enough that they can be solved after navigating the Hastings Direct Pop-up Help Menu. If not, a complicated issue that requires additional attention or compensation will necessitate a serious complaint. Here are some examples of legitimate customer complaints that might require a phone call to

  1. There is an error with your claim
  2. Difficulty making adjustments to an existing policy
  3. Having problems with the repair contractor
  4. The automatic renewal fee is too high
  5. The company website or app is not functioning properly
  6. You need immediate roadside assistance

These reasons are common not only for insurance companies but may also apply for Amazon or Virgin Media. DoNotPay can help you with them too.

Hastings Direct Customer Service Telephone Number and Online Contact

When something goes wrong and you need to contact Hastings Direct about an insurance issue, the company recommends you reach out to them directly to resolve the matter. Hastings Direct provides live agents in their Customer Service Department during office hours.

  • Monday to Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm
  • Sunday: 9 am – 1 pm

Try reaching a live Hastings Insurance customer service representative using the following contact information.

How to Reach Hastings Customer Service
WebsiteHelp Centre
Phone Number0333 321 9818 (Breakdown Support)

07855 828 282 (For the hearing impaired- text “breakdown”)

0333 321 9801 (Cancelling your Claim)

0333 321 9790 (Discuss Renewal)

0333 321 9630 (Get Help with Payments)

0333 999 8904 (Complaints)
PostHastings Direct,

Conquest House,

Collington Avenue,


East Sussex,

TN39 3LW

  1. Call Hastings Direct customer service number
  2. Submit an online inquiry or complaint using Hastings Direct’s Online Form
  3. Initiate a live chat via a red tab on the right-hand side of your MyAccount log in page

Corporate Address for Hastings Direct:

The corporate entity known as HASTINGS DIRECT LIMITED houses the main office and direct call centre in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex.

If you prefer to contact Hastings Direct in writing, you may send correspondence to

Customer Relations Manager Hastings Direct Conquest House Collington Avenue Bexhill-On-Sea East Sussex TN39 3LW

How Else May I Handle My Hastings Direct Complaints?

There are additional steps you can take if you’ve tried and failed to get help via Hastings Direct’s customer service contact number. According to policies outlined by the Hastings Direct Customer Complaints page, failure to resolve your complaints after three business days will be formally acknowledged by the company in writing. If eight weeks have passed since your initial dispute and you are still not satisfied with Hastings Direct’s resolution efforts, you may escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman at

  • Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower Harbour Exchange Square London E14 9SR
  • Tel: +0300 123 9123
  • Email:
  • Website:

Let DoNotPay Get in Touch with Hastings Direct on Your Behalf

The average call wait time with customer service departments like Hastings Direct should be brief but in reality, can feel like an agonisingly long time. Your life is busy enough without having to wait in a longer-than-average phone queue listening to questionable hold music just for a chance to speak with a live person. This is where DoNotPay’s brilliant product known as Skip Waiting on Hold comes in.

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