Easily Claim a Great Western Railway Refund

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How to Claim Great Western Railway Refunds the Easy Way

Hundreds of millions of Brits travel by train annually. One of the leading train routes is the Great Western Main Line, which connects various cities from West England to South Wales. Great Western Railway (GWR) is the company that mainly manages train travels along this line as well as others like between the West Country and London and between London and Penzance.

Therefore, if you use these routes frequently, you will likely buy your train tickets from Great Western Railway. But have you ever been in a situation that would require you to claim a ? What if you never bought the ticket from GWR, but used Trainline for your ticket purchase instead? Read on to learn how to streamline your refund claims from GWR with DoNotPay.

Reasons You Might Want to Claim Great Western Railway Refund

If you feel that the service offered by Great Western Railway falls short of your expectation due to problems stemming from their side or other personal ones that you couldn't avoid, you might want to . Some of these reasons include:

  • Unused Ticket: You didn't use your ticket due to a personal emergency or a cancelled train.
  • Train Delay: Your train's scheduled arrival time got delayed by more than 15 minutes because of a delay caused by GWR or train cancellation.
  • Season Ticket Refund: You bought a season ticket from GWR, but you can no longer use it because of illness, loss of job, relocation, etc.

Getting Great Western Railway Ticket Refunds on Your Own

Claiming Great Western Railway refunds is not always easy. Nevertheless, you'd want to try out the company's methods before enlisting a third party to help. Generally, your refund process depends on the type of refund you want.

1. Unused Ticket

This only applies to tickets bought from GWR. If you used another service/retailer like Trainline to buy your ticket, you'd need to contact them or go through their refund process to get your money back. Besides, only Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak are accepted. For Advance tickets, refunds are not allowed except if your travel failure was caused by a train delay or cancellation. To start claiming, open the GWR refund portal.

Other refund policies for unused tickets include:

  • You have to submit your claim within 4 weeks (28 days) before ticket expiry.
  • You'll need to pay a tenner as the administration fee for every application you make.
  • Expect your compensation within 28 days if your claim goes through successfully.

2. Great Western Railway Late Train Refund

If GWR delays or cancels your train and you end up arriving at your destination more than 15 minutes late, you're eligible for Delay Repay compensation. However, you'll need to submit your claim within 28 days after the delay and meet other requirements like:

  • Provide your contact details
  • Attach a copy of your ticket or other proof of purchase document
  • Details specific to your journey, e.g., origin and destination stations, departure and arrival times, etc., are as requested.

GWR Delay Repay Rates

See the table below to know how much (in terms of percentage) you can get depending on the minutes the train is delayed.

MinutesSingle TicketReturn TicketSeason Ticket
15 to 29 minutes25%12.5%12.5%
30 to 59 minutes50%25%25%
60 to 119 minutes100%50%50%
More than 120 minutes100%100%100%

*The season ticket refund is calculated depending on the cost of the return journey.

To claim a Great Western Railway delay refund, go to:

  1. Open the online Delay Repay portal and follow the steps, or
  2. Download a delay refund form or pick it from one of the stations. Fill it out and send it to the company attaching a clear copy of your ticket.

Note that tickets bought from other retailers aren't acceptable. If you purchased from Trainline, learn how to go about Trainline delay refund.

3. Season Tickets Refunds

GWR Season tickets can be revoked anytime for different reasons. Altogether, this is how it works:

  • You get compensation equal to the difference between the total ticket price and the ticket cost for the time held.
  • You have to return your Season ticket to GWR to qualify for the refund, except if it is already loaded to a Touch Smartcard.
  • Every application made is chargeable at a £10 admin charge.
  • If you're seeking a Season ticket reimbursement because of illness or injury of more than 4 weeks, you should inform the company to be eligible for a discretionary partial refund.

To know how much you can get from your Season tickets refund, use the GWR Season ticket calculator.

In summary, here are the methods you can use to claim a Great Western Railway refund:

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes / No
In PersonNo

Can My GWR Refund Claim Get Rejected?

Yes. While the company will explain the reason for rejecting your claim in the claim reply message, some of the common causes include:

  • You submitted the claim after the 28 days window
  • Your ticket is invalid as it doesn't match the journey details
  • Proof of purchase or ticket is unacceptable
  • The delay was less than 15 minutes
  • The interruption was due to scheduled engineering works that had earlier been communicated
  • The claim belongs to another train operator or wasn't bought from GWR

If you feel that yours was rejected unfairly or have any other complaints about your journey, contact the GWR customer support team.

Furthermore, if you think you deserve a refund for other costs incurred due to delays or disruptions caused by GWR, contact customer support or call on 03457 000 125.

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