Can You Join Google Duo Without a Phone Number? Yes, Here’s How

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Can You Join Google Duo Without a Phone Number? Yes, Here’s How

Released in 2016, Google Duo is a VoIP service that allows users to make high-quality video calls whether one-on-one or in group meetings. Calls with Google Duo can be made either with a Wi-Fi connection or anywhere using your cellular phone plan.

If you’re tempted to have Google Duo, whether you either want the service or are required by work, giving private information to Google itself might be one of your biggest deterrents.

But with DoNotPay, there’s nothing to worry about! We can show you how you can use a fake phone number and use Google Duo for work or family without any ramifications.

Why Does Google Need My Phone Number?

Google requires each user to register their accounts with an authentic phone number to prevent malicious users from doing anything shady with multiple accounts.

According to Google’s support pages, you can alternatively register for Google Duo with an established Google account, but if you already have a Google account and want a standalone account just for Duo, getting a temporary phone number would be your best bet.

Can I Use Google Voice With Google Duo?

Google Voice is known to be another Google service that can give you a new phone number should you so choose. You can use a Google Voice number to sign up for Google Duo, but the only way they interact with one another is the SMS message you need to verify that you own the Voice number.

The reason for this limited compatibility is that they primarily work for two different types of calls. While Google Duo is used for video calls, Google Voice is only meant for making voice calls.

Signing up for Google Voice will require you to provide your real phone number to Google, so you likely cannot get around to using Google Voice to stay anonymous to third parties.

Here is a breakdown of both Google products:

Google DuoGoogle Voice
PriceFree to use$10 per user per month
Max number of users per call122
Google account required?YesNo
Phone number required?NoYes

What Other Ways Can I Get On Google Duo Without Phone Number?

Fortunately, you can obtain an alternative or fake phone number in one of many other ways so you can avoid using your real number for Google Duo. These methods are as follows:

  • Sign up for

Of all these methods, DoNotPay comes with the least amount of risk due to how we can keep you anonymous and save money!

How Does DoNotPay Get Me Safely Verified?

will generate an unused phone number so it’s guaranteed to work for the website or service you need it to. When you type in this number to Google, it will give the validation code to that number, which we will transfer over to your own number.

The temporary phone number will be available to you for just a brief period of time, so it will be erased after that time elapses. But by the chance that Google shares the phone number with other companies, they’ll be sending spam to a number that’s inactive.

Best of all, DoNotPay is affordable and accessible to almost everyone! Here are some of DoNotPay’s satisfying specs:

  • No additional phones or equipment required
  • Numbers work for any site that requires them
  • Create as many phone numbers as you need to — no additional charges
  • Available on iOS, Android, and web browsers

DoNotPay’s 5-Step Process To Sign Up For Google Duo

Using DoNotPay to sign up for Google Duo without a phone number is fast and worry-free! Simply follow these five easy steps:

  1. While logged in to , click on the Burner Phone product.
  2. Type in “Google Duo” in the service or website in question.
  3. Click “Create a temporary number”. Use that number on the Google Duo prompt.
  4. Wait for DoNotPay’s text message on your phone.
  5. Read the validation code and type it in on the Google Duo prompt.

This quick process will get you set up for Google Duo in no time! You’ll never need a phone number for Duo again.

What More Can I Do With DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Product?

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