GoHenry's Customer Service Hacks You Must Know

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GoHenry's Customer Service Hacks You Must Know

Money management is one of the most important skills a child can learn. From essential skills such as saving money to more complex tasks like balancing a chequebook and preparing a budget, there's a lot to teach young people about how to properly manage income. To that end, Gohenry was created. Gohenry is a unique service that offers you a way to teach your children about money management by utilising tools such as a prepaid debit card, an exclusive app, and skill-building exercises.

If you have questions about signing up for Gohenry, you might need to contact its customer service department. Alternatively, you could be experiencing issues with some aspects of Gohenry, from the prepaid debit card to problems with the app. Whatever the circumstances, contacting can be a lengthy experience - and you might not have that kind of free time. When you go through DoNotPay to contact , you will save valuable time and get the answers you need!

Why Would You Need to Contact Gohenry?

Gohenry is a prepaid debit card and financial education app that is designed to help children learn about money management skills. The products work hand in hand, allowing you to work with your child to build their understanding of finances. There are a few reasons why you might need to get in touch with Gohenry customer service:

  • If you have general questions about the app or the prepaid debit card.
  • If you are an existing Gohenry customer and want to talk about an issue with the app or the card.
  • If you've been overcharged for your Gohenry account.
  • If you have had a bad experience with a prior Gohenry agent or representative.

Ways to Get in Touch With Gohenry on Your Own

Getting in touch with Gohenry customer service on your own? There are two primary ways to contact the company.

Gohenry Support/FAQ SiteFAQ Page
Gohenry Phone Number0330 100 7676
Gohenry Social MediaFacebook




  1. Online Help Center

The Gohenry website has an extensive online help center that has answers to many frequently asked questions. If your query is more general in nature, be sure to check out the help center to see if you can find an answer there. You can search by category or type your question into the search bar on the main page and see if the answer populates. If your issue is more specific, you will likely not find the answer that you are looking for in the help section.

  1. Phone

You can also reach out to Gohenry by phone - just call 0330 100 7676 during the hours of 8 am - 8 pm Monday through Sunday. Be clear and polite when you describe your issue to the agent, as this grants you a better chance of having your question answered. This can be a bit time-consuming, especially if you have to wait on hold for a while before getting connected to an agent.

Other Methods to Contact Gohenry

Gohenry has Facebook and Twitter pages if you want to reach out via social media. You can try sending a message or posting on the Facebook wall for an even quicker response. While using social media to get customer service questions answered isn't always convenient, it is one way to ensure that someone within the company sees the problem that you are having.

Use DoNotPay to Skip the Gohenry Customer Service Phone Queue

If spending hours on the phone waiting in a phone queue doesn't sound appealing to you - DoNotPay is here. DoNotPay is the fast, easy solution to skipping the phone queue and getting in touch with a customer service agent in no time flat. Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Gohenry's phone queue and save time:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.

  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.

  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.

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You are all set! DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second of your valuable time waiting on hold. DoNotPay knows that your time is precious - so when you have customer service issues that need to be answered, let DoNotPay tackle them on your behalf.

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