How to Reach FatFace Customer Service Without the Wait

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How to Reach FatFace Customer Service Without the Wait

FatFace is a retail clothing company based in the UK, with over 200 stores and a strong online presence. They sell comfortable, sustainable clothing with a British flair. But if you have a question or complaint, do you know how to get in touch with customer service? Many times customers put off calling customer service with issues, simply because they dread the lengthy time that they spend on hold. That's where DoNotPay comes in. With our new Customer Service product, we make the call to for you and wait on the line until your call is finally answered by a real person. We notify you immediately so that you can complete the call, never spending a minute waiting for someone to come on the line.

What Are Some Of The Reasons to Contact FatFace Customer Service?

Of course, every customer has different experiences, but some of the most common reasons to contact depend on whether you have shopped at one of their retail brick and mortar stores, or shopped online. Some of the most common reasons to call are

  1. Poor customer service

Perhaps you had a bad experience with a FatFace employee that you want to report. If you were treated badly, unprofessionally, or discriminated against, you will probably address it with FatFace Customer Service.

  1. You were incorrectly charged

This could be either online or in-store, where you were incorrectly charged, double-billed, or billed for a product that you never received.

  1. Shipments were Incorrect or Incomplete

If your order shows delivered, or has never been delivered, or if you are missing items from your order and you were billed for those items, you will need to bring it to the attention of Customer Service.

  1. You need to make a return.

If you purchased an item and you do not like it, it doesn't fit, etc., you will need to contact Customer Service to get information on making a return or exchange.

  1. You want to file a complaint about an inferior product or product that is other than advertised.

Sometimes what you think you are ordering and the way it is, in reality, are two completely different things. Contacting customer service to issue a complaint about the quality is a way to inform the company.

What Are The Ways To Contact FatFace Customer Service On Your Own?

Again, the way to contact Customer Service may differ depending on the reason to contact them, if the purchase was made online or in a retail location, and the urgency of your issue.

  1. In-Store Purchases

If you have an issue with a purchase that you made at a physical location, start by returning to the location where the item was purchased. Bring with you the item and your receipt and ask to speak to customer service at the location. Most of the time, a return, exchange, or an over-charge can be handled at the location.

  1. Online Purchases

If you purchased merchandise online and want an exchange or return, have billing issues, have problems with deliveries, or have any other customer service complaints, FatFace Customer Service can be reached in different ways.

  • Email

You may email customer service. Allow two to three days for a response to your question or issue.

  • Chat Bot

By clicking on the icon in the bottom right of your screen. If the automated chatbot does not give you the answer, they have live chat advisors available Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4:30 PM, with abbreviated hours on Sunday.

  • Call

If you want to speak directly to someone in Customer Service, they are available during the workweek from 9 AM-4 PM.

  • Online Form

On the FatFace website, there is also a form that you can fill out and submit when finished describing your problem.

Here are the contact details of FatFace Customer Support.

Ways to Contact FatFace Customer Support
Phone Number +44 (0)330 124 0000
Online Contact Form

How Can DoNotPay Help Resolve My Problem with FatFace Customer Service?

DoNotPay realizes how valuable your time is and how long it often takes to resolve issues with retailers. That's why we created our Customer Service product that allows you to contact FatFace Customer Service and never spend a minute on hold waiting for someone to answer. No more lengthy recorded sales pitches and upselling to listen to. No more hideous music to endure. No more wasting your time. And DoNotPay makes it quick and easy in just four simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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