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Contact Ernest Jones Customer Service the Easy Way

Speaking to a live human at Ernest Jones can be hard at times. You may have to wait on hold longer due to the long phone queue and end up not getting the help you need. On average, most people spend 40 days of their life waiting on hold as they try to get help from customer support representatives. Contacting Ernest Jones customer support doesn't have to be a complicated process anymore, thanks to DoNotPay.

If you have any issues with your jewellery order, you can sign-up to DoNotPay and contact to get the help you need within the shortest time possible. Whether you want to inquire about your personalized jewellery order, or you want your order cancelled, you can reach out to the company's customer service to get what you need. With the help of DoNotPay, contacting customer service at Ernest Jones becomes almost effortless.

If you are wondering how to contact Ernest Jones customer service, or you need to know the contact address, we've got you covered. Additionally, you get to know alternative ways to resolve customer service complaints if doing so on your own becomes challenging. With the help of DoNotPay, you can also get customer service help from other different companies including Walmart, Marriott, and Amazon.

Ernest Jones Support Contact Number and Email

If you need to contact for queries about their products or services, you can do so via phone. Whether you need to make a new order or you have issues with an existing order, you can also reach out to them via their email address.

Here are the contact details you can use.

  • Telephone: 0800 458 1066- charged at local rates

If you need to call the company, you can do so during office hours, 9.00-5.00 PM, Monday to Friday. If you are inquiring about an existing order, you need to provide the order number and your postcode to make the process easier. You can also contact Ernest Jones through other means as listed in the table below:

Ways to Reach Ernest Jones Customer Service
Telephone0800 458 1066
PostCustomer Service Department,

Ernest Jones,

Hunters Road, Hockley,

Birmingham B19 1DS

Live Chat
FAQ Site

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

If contacting Ernest Jones customer service doesn't yield satisfactory results, there are alternative dispute resolution mechanisms you can use as listed below:

  • Financial Ombudsman Services

The financial ombudsman service offers free services to consumers who present their complaints. The agency acts as an intermediary between consumers and businesses and tries to settle cases dealing with financial products and services in the most amicable way.

You can use the agency's complaint checker to know if it is possible to make a complaint through them. You can call them at 0800 023 4567 or send an email to the Financial Ombudsman. You can also reach out to the agency via their Facebook page.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can contact the financial ombudsman services for help.

  1. Use the compliant checker to see if you can present your complaint
  2. Provide your name and address
  3. Provide correct details about the product or service in question
  4. The financial services ombudsman will investigate your issues and get back to you with the most appropriate course of action. They will ask the company you are complaining about to settle your issue before taking the case further
  • Claims Courts

You can also raise your issue in small claims court with the help of an attorney. If your claim does not exceed £10,000, you can request an attorney to help you out with your case and send demand letters to the company for all your complaints.

Ernest Jones Corporate Address

If you intend to file a lawsuit against Ernest Jones, you can use the following corporate address to contact the management. This lets you know where to send your demand letter to avoid sending your complaint to the wrong address. You can present your complaint to Ernest Jones via

Signet Corporate Services,

Hunters Road, Hockley,

Birmingham, B19 1DS


Common Reasons People Contact Ernest Jones Support

Some of the most common reasons you can contact Ernest Jones support include

  1. Receiving the wrong order
  2. If you need to cancel an order
  3. If you receive a faulty product
  4. Delayed delivery

Get in Touch With Ernest Jones Customer Service Using DoNotPay

It can be frustrating if your issue is not addressed with the urgency it deserves. If you have a complaint against Ernest Jones and help doesn't seem forthcoming, you can let DoNotPay handle your case and help you solve your issues fast and easily.

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Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Ernest Jones phone queue

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  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.

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