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How To File Enterprise Car Rental Complaints

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a hugely popular car rental company with over 6,000 locations across the United States.

Unfortunately, the company's popularity has come at a cost. According to the New York Times, their car rates are one of the most expensive in the industry.

It's not surprising then that customers have taken to online reviews and small claims court cases to seek justice after being wrongfully denied reimbursement from Enterprise for charges they believe they shouldn't have had to make.

Other common complaints about Enterprise revolve around their reservation system, which has a tendency to overbook, leaving customers without cars when they arrive. What's even more frustrating is the fact that Enterprise can't or doesn't want to do anything about it, leaving people stranded after paying for their reservation.

If you've encountered issues when dealing with this car rental company, this article will show you how to file a complaint with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and, if you can't reach a satisfactory resolution, take the case to small claims court.

How To File Enterprise Rent-a-Car Complaints Through the Enterprise Rental Car Complaint Department

Enterprise's customer service is known for being unresponsive to customer problems, which is why many people turn to online reviews to voice their complaints.

While the company does provide an online form through which you can submit your questions to the customer service department, you'll have to wait several days to receive a response.

Judging from a plethora of negative online reviews, it would seem that the car rental company is outsourcing customer support. If you opt to contact Enterprise by phone, you'll likely be connected to a customer support agent that will give you rehearsed, generic answers that do not help with your specific situation.

In most cases, the customer service representative will refer you to the online complaint form, so you'll be back at square one after wasting half an hour on the phone.

Enterprise doesn't seem to respond to online reviews, so you'll likely need to reach out to one of the agencies in charge of protecting customers' rights and seek assistance in your dispute with the car rental company.

How To Reach Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service
Online Form

How To File Enterprise Rental Complaints

If the car rental company is persistent in ignoring your complaints, you should consider contacting one of the following agencies:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • The National Association of Consumer Advocates
  • The Federal Trade Commission

Filing an Enterprise Rent-a-Car Complaint With the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization aimed at helping people resolve their complaints with businesses. You can file a complaint with the BBB by filling out this online form.

The BBB website will guide you through the entire process and help mediate the dispute. Note that it is not an enforcement agency, so the Bureau cannot make Enterprise resolve your complaint.

Filing an Enterprise Rent-a-Car Complaint With the NACA

The National Association of Consumer Advocates is a nationwide organization of lawyers, law students, and professionals who help consumers resolve their problems with local businesses.

You can file a complaint against Enterprise by visiting the Consumer Issues Page, selecting auto issues, and following the instructions provided.

Filing an Enterprise Rent-a-Car Complaint With the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency in charge of preventing fraud in the marketplace.

If you believe that Enterprise has defrauded or is defrauding you, you can file a report against the car rental company using FTC’s Report Fraud assistant.

Have Enterprise Complaints? Here’s How To Send Demand Letters To Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Small Claims Court

If you've exhausted all of your options and still haven't received any help with your dispute against Enterprise, the last resort you have is taking the car rental company to small claims court.

Most small claims courts will allow you to send demand letters to Enterprise for $5,000 or less, so you should check with your local court for the exact figure in your state.

The first thing you need to do when pursuing action against Enterprise is to file a small claims court complaint. Make sure to include any evidence that you think will help your case in your complaint.

One of the most important things to include in your small claims court complaint are copies of any online reviews that mention Enterprise. These testimonials will show that customers have had experiences similar to yours and will probably persuade the judge in your favor if they are included in the judge's chambers.

Before the case goes to trial, you must notify Enterprise that you're intent on filing a lawsuit against them by sending a demand letter to the company using certified mail.

The demand letter must include the following information:

  • The name and contact information for both you and the company
  • A detailed account of your problem with Enterprise
  • Why you are demanding compensation from Enterprise
  • What actions you expect them to take in order to resolve your complaints

In most cases, the demand letter will be enough to prompt the car rental company to settle your dispute out of court. If they don't agree to settle, you'll have to attend a small claims court hearing with all of the evidence that supports your case.

The judge will then decide whether or not you are entitled to compensation from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

If you're still unable to reach an agreement with the car rental company, or if you're still unsatisfied with the decision of a small claims court judge, you'll have the right to appeal the decision to an independent review panel. If your appeal is successful, your problem will be reviewed by another judge in the same county.

File a Complaint With Enterprise—If All Else Fails, DoNotPay Helps You Send Demand Letters To the Company!

Suing a big corporation usually includes spending weeks working on the lawsuit and hiring a professional to handle all of the procedures and documents. What’s more, the process can be pricey, complex, and it might even drag for months.

Luckily, DoNotPay is here for you. With our AI-powered app, fighting for your rights and getting the compensation you deserve will be a piece of cake.

To file a complaint against Enterprise Rent-A-Car hassle-free, all you need to do is:

  1. Log in to your
  2. Choose the Complaint Letters product
  3. Enter the reason for your lawsuit
  4. Have a quick chat with our chatbot
  5. Attach screenshots, receipts, or any other evidence that can support your claim

And that’s all there is to it! DoNotPay will generate a demand letter and send it to Enterprise Rent-A-Car on your behalf. This will put some pressure on Enterprise to resolve your complaint.

If Enterprise ignores your complaint or refuses to give you the compensation, we will help you escalate matters and send demand letters to them in small claims court.

We can even help you claim Enterprise warranty stress-free.

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