What's Dormeo's Customer Service Contact Information

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What's Dormeo's Customer Service Contact Information

Dormeo has become the most trusted UK bedding brand over the last 10 years by combining the highest quality memory foam mattresses with direct-to-consumer prices. Because the manufacturers sell directly to the consumer it is important to know how to contact customer service if you should have any issues or questions about the product.

This article highlights the ways you can get in touch with and why UK consumers have so much trust in the brand. Why waste time waiting for someone to pick up the phone when you can use the skip waiting on hold product from DoNotPay? Read on to find out about the product from DoNotPay that can assist you with contacting customer service at Dormeo or anywhere else with no hold time.

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How to Contact Dormeo

You would never guess that a mattress could be so tightly compressed, rolled, and vacuum sealed that it could be easily shipped and arrive at your door by post. Dormeo uses the newest European memory foam specifically designed to respond to the position of your body and your body temperature. Exclusive to Dormeo this memory foam can only be found in Dormeo mattresses, mattress toppers, and aeroplane seats the company has been licensed to manufacture.

If you wish to purchase your very own personalised sleeping environment you can do so by calling the 24-hour order number. If you wish to the fastest way to do so is by phone. Alternatively, you can send an email which should receive a response within 48 hours or you can contact them by post which will take longer to receive a reply.

24-Hour Order Line

You can place your orders anytime via the Dormeo website or by calling the order line, 0800 625 0134

Customer Service

You can connect with customer service by phone, email, or post. Business hours are Monday - Friday 8 AM until 8 PM, Saturday and Sunday 8 AM- 6 PM.

Dormeo Phone0800 2248 361
Dormeo Emailcustomer.service@dormeo.co.uk
Dormeo AddressCustomer Service Dormeo UK, Impact House Unit 7-9 Romsey Industrial Estate, Great Bridge Road, Romsey Hampshire, 5051 0HR

Common Reasons for Contacting Dormeo Customer Service

You may want to reach for questions, concerns or complaints. You may also need to contact them if you have a warranty that you need to make a claim on or if you choose to return your mattress after your 60-day trial period. Anytime you have a complaint or an issue with a company, you are expected to contact the company first allowing them the opportunity to resolve the matter.

Other Dispute Resolution Options

When you have an issue with customer service at a business you may have thought that you had no other options for recourse. In an effort to build consumer confidence, the UK has begun to promote alternative dispute resolution options making them more easily accessible to consumers.

1. Ombudsman

The furniture and home improvement ombudsman investigates claims made against or by companies that manufacture or sell furniture and home improvement materials. An ombudsman will only consider your claim if you have not begun a claim in small claims court but their decision falsely binding if you choose the service instead.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

This form of dispute resolution refers to arbitration and mediation services. Arbitration is handled similarly to the ombudsman service with a third party making a decision. Mediation allows you to negotiate the terms of resolution with the assistance of a third-party mediator.

3. Small Claims Court

Many consumers find small claims court intimidating and it can be costly. This should be a last resort option and it is only applicable to claims up to £10,000.

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