Contact Dartford Crossing's Customer Service Without the Wait

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Contact Dartford Crossing's Customer Service Without the Wait

The Dartford Crossing is a Thames River crossing in England and consists of two bridges and a tunnel under the river. If you're one of the millions of people who use the Dartford Crossing every year, you know that the customer service can be...lacking. The good news is that there is help available- DoNotPay can help you deal with hassle-free.

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Dartford Crossing Contact Number and Email

Dartford Crossing is managed by the Highways Agency. Thewebsite has the contact details and you can get in touch with the contact center every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Here are the contact details:

Dartford Crossing
Dartford Crossing Phone number0300 300 0120
Dartford Crossing Textphone number18001 0300 300 0120

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Where to Find Quick Help for Your Dartford Crossing Problems

If you need to make a quick complaint to Dartford Crossing, there are few options available. For instance, if you need to challenge a PCN, information on their customer service page indicates that you need to make an online representation or fill out a contact form and provide some information including the Dart Charge account number and your car's registration number.

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Common Reasons People Contact Dartford Crossing Support

There are a number of reasons why you might need to contact Dartford Crossing customer service. While at other times, you may need to contact the agency for more urgent reasons such as the breakdown of a vehicle on the bridge.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to contact Dartford Crossing customer service:

  1. You are not in a position to pay the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
  2. You want to know whether you can use the Dartford Crossing when it is closed
  3. To complain about an error in your bill
  4. To resolve an issue related to the state of the road on the bridge
  5. You need help paying the Dartford Crossing charge
  6. To make a claim for a loss you have incurred due to a breakdown or accident on the bridge
  7. To report damage to lamp posts, barriers, or other infrastructure on or near the bridge
  8. Report any incident that may affect safety such as smoke, fumes, heat haze, floods, or fires.

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Get in Touch With Dartford Crossing Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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